Who Needs a Strobe Fire Alarm in Their Building?

Who Needs a Strobe Fire Alarm in Their Building

There’s no denying that the rules and regulations regarding fire alarms in the UK can be overwhelming for new business owners. For that reason, we’re here today to discover more about a strobe fire alarm solution and whether it’s the right option for your business. You’ll find that on our integrated fire system page, there are various different options on offer, which will help to protect your business over the next year.

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The Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems

The first thing you need to consider is the type of fire alarm system you’ll need to have in place for your business. All fire alarms work in the same basic manner, and they’ll trigger an alarm when heat or smoke is detected. The big difference between strobes is that they also give off light when a fire is detected. This has many benefits over the typical fire alarm system and can be used in areas of low light or where people are sleeping. It’s particularly important for hotels and certain residential businesses to consider this type of fire alarm, as it will help to awaken anyone while they are sleeping. For anyone in the building who is deaf, it means you’ll offer them another way to wake up and ensure they get out of the building safely.

A conventional fire alarm will have different detection zones which are linked to the main control panel. Each zone will focus on one specific area, and you can add strobes and sounders to these as you like. If there is a fire in the building, you’ll find that the control panel will trigger the alarm when the fire is detected, and this can be done either manually or automatically. A modern fire alarm strobe light may use a wireless system. These are more advanced, and they don’t need any cabling because they wirelessly communicate with each other. You’ll find that this is a good option for anyone who requires a quick installation. They can be programmed off-site, which helps to save time with this process.

Fire Alarm Grading

When looking at the best strobe fire alarm for your business, you’ll want to think about fire alarm system grades. These grades are used on all fire alarm systems with strobe lights in the UK, and they showcase the level of protection you’ll receive from the alarm. Of course, you’ll need to find out what type of strobe fire alarm your business needs so that you protect everyone within your organisation. Our team will be happy to explain fire alarm systems and grades in more depth to you and ensure you are selecting the right fire alarms for your company this year.

The Benefits of a Strobe Fire Alarm

The number one reason you would want to add a strobe fire alarm to a building is to offer a visual alert that a fire is taking place. This is particularly important for anyone with a hearing impairment who might otherwise sleep through a fire alarm. If you have anyone who is hard of hearing working in your workplace, you’ll want to ensure you are protecting them from the first day on the job. For hotel owners or businesses with a lot of visitors, it is critical to make everyone feel safe and secure when visiting your site.

A strobe fire alarm will offer everyone in your business a second way to alert them of fire on top of just the traditional fire alarm. They’ll be able to respond quickly and know that they need to evacuate the building straight away to try and stay safe. The more of an alert you can give everyone that something is wrong, the more likely they’ll be to rush out of the building. It’s your job as a business owner to look after everyone inside. By finding out where and when a strobe fire alarm needs to be used in your building, you can ensure you are keeping everyone inside safe every day.

As you can see, strobe fire alarms are a great way to protect everyone who works in your building or visits your company. Most large buildings need to use these in certain spaces, and they are easy to install with the help of our team. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to put together a plan for where and when you need to install strobe fire alarms. We can also help with any type of fire alarm installation, and we’ll be here to manage your plans in the future for your fire alarms. Contact us today for more information or to discuss any questions you have about the benefits of using a strobe fire alarm. No matter the size of your building, we’ll be here to support you in keeping everyone safe this year.

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