Trends in Access Controls

Trends in Access Controls

COVID19 has significantly impacted and shaped how businesses view access controls and what we want out of access control technologies. As a result, we have to re-think our approach to accessing systems and evaluate how best we can stop the spread of germs and viruses. 

The contactless access control technology is changing how we combat the pandemic and other safety and security concerns

This post looks at the trends we can expect to see over the coming months and how they can help increase security and meet new health, safety, and sanitisation requirements!

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Access control trends 2021 and beyond 

It is no surprise that, like everything, we will now be looking at more ways to go mobile when managing and using commercial access control systems. 

Helping to support health and safety concerns, sanitisation, and more, these particular mobile access systems are predicted to become one of the fastest-growing products over the next 12-18months. 

Mobile systems are fast, flexible, and cost-effective, providing a hands-free, contactless solution.  

They’re also easy to use, security credentials are high, and they offer your teams a great deal of convenience. 

In addition, when we compare this solution to key cards, it also offers a whole host of additional benefits.  Especially as, unlike key cards, we as individuals tend to carry our phones with us everywhere, and again, unlike key cards, we rarely lose them! 

Mobile access systems can be seamlessly integrated with other smart building systems, too, providing you with robust occupancy tracking and tracking in real-time. 

We’ll also see the introduction of multi-model and multi-factor authentication (a system where more than one form of access will be required).  These systems look at ways people must prove their identity by using either two separate forms of biometrics or smartcards and pins etc. 

Multi-factor authentication is widely used for digital access, where you may log onto a system, but then you may be required to enter an additional pin or password to move onto the next step.  

Regulated industries already use these processes; however, as the level of security is expected to increase across every sector, so will the popularity of these systems. 

With prices falling and more businesses adopting new technologies, biometrics are increasing their presence in business with perceptions changing and company culture adapting to this type of technology. 

Contactless biometric technology will undoubtedly prove popular in the coming months, especially as we monitor businesses managing staff’s return to work. 

We will see facial recognition for identity verification alongside touchless fingerprints, iris, palm, and voice recognition from biometrics. 

Biometrics also offers a great deal of convenience, and they are highly secure.  With the right biometric system, you can instantly grant or deny access, flag unauthorised access, and more. 

Of course, like most technological and digital trends, we will also see an increase in cloud-based models within the access control arena. 

The cloud has completely changed our day-to-day lives.  The way we now store, manage, and process data….it’s all changed. 

Now organisations have the opportunity to introduce subscription-based systems where readers and panels are installed on-site, but server software is centralised in one data centre. 

These cloud-based systems allow you to have 24/7 support, better scalability options, instant updates, minimal downtime, higher security, mobile management, frequent back-up, continuous product improvement, and so much more. 

You also no longer need large areas of physical space.  These systems offer convenience in abundance, are scalable to meet the ever-growing demands of various businesses, you receive instant alerts relating to security concerns and failures in the system, and so much more. 

These systems also allow you to modify your operating hours, tighten access privileges, limit building access points, carry out server maintenance remotely, and schedule updates regularly. 

With fast integration with existing systems, you can scale from one site to many effectively and efficiently. You can also manage a global infrastructure; all you require is internet access. 

Maybe in the not-so-distant future, we’ll also see wearable technology as a huge trend emerging in security controls.  Things like wristwatches, smart clothing, earbuds, and more.   

Could even individuals themselves become a universal access code? 

The possibilities and innovations are endless.  However, it’s about finding the right system and software for you.  To find out more about various access control solutions, make sure to check out our latest blog HERE

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  • Are you looking to integrate physical and logical access control? 

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If you want to ensure your staff are safe and feel safe at all times and everyone is following all the old and new hygiene protocols as required, look to upgrade or install your new business access control system today. 

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