At UK Red Design we offer a variety of choices when it comes to your next security design, installation, upgrade, or maintenance. The latest we have on offer is from the high-quality provider Paxton.

We offer all of their ranges but when it comes to Paxton access, we believe that if you’re going to install a security system, you go for the system that covers it all and that is the Paxton Net2. We are fully trained at installing a system as complex or simple as you require to meet your needs.

Fever Screening and Thermal Camera

Paxton Access

In general, this door and lock system is a full-fledged solution for any commercial building or premises. Paxton Net2 takes a holistic approach to your security needs, which means it has everything you can think of when it comes to safety, security, accessibility, and securing commercial properties.

Our professionals at UK Red will explain all the potential this system has to offer and can provide consultation on how the Paxton access system can easily replace many outdated and analogue door and key management systems with its intuitive Net2 access central system.

There’s no need to ever have to do this in one big and expensive shot, and the Paxton Access system was meant to be scalable, so that building management and their teams don’t have to stress about expanding beyond their security budgets.

UK Red will always recommend the right balance of cost-effectiveness while at the same time providing the recommended levels of security installation and services that would be necessary for your specific commercial building needs.

What it can cover:

  • It comes complete with its intuitive Paxton access control system, either in Net2 lite (free) or the Net2 pro version, depending on your needs.
  • It comes with an adjustable door entry system to utilise Paxton Net2 fobs and cards.
  • The ability to integrate proprietary Paxlocks door handles throughout the building.
  • A Mobile application for checking in when you’re on the go.
  • And so much more!

The Paxton Access control system

Sometimes referred to as the Net2 access control, this system centralises the entire management of your building and its locks. You can have one main location or unlimited satellite locations, as is needed.

It can control up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 people that use those doors (i.e. through the use of door key cards or Paxton Net2 fobs). It can be scaled up or down as needed and, through the system itself, will allow properly trained staff to manage new tenants, and remove older tenants from office buildings straight from the system.

This software also features the possibility to add in triggers and set up alarm systems as they’re needed with any security-related system. The lite version itself comes with this basic functionality to provide competitive levels of security, and will still integrate with some options such as your CCTV.

It’s only when you’re expanding to the Net2 pro, that you can start integrating other aspects of building management, such as developing security areas, triggering a complete lockdown, checkpoint controls for highly sensitive areas, and even syncing it up with your existing fire alarm system. There are so many useful options for the Paxton access control software.

Door customisations

With a solid system, now is the time to start securing all those doors throughout the building. The key here, especially with the recent pandemic and the new normal, is to a seamless and possibly contactless entry system. The Paxton net 2 fobs is an excellent choice here, enabling a tapping functionality to unlock doors, without the need to turn a handle or insert a key. These work with either version of the Net2 system, Net2 lite, or Net2 pro.

There’s also the possibility to go fully contactless and introduce a face recognition solution to gain entryway into rooms and floors within a commercial building. If you need to enhance the security, the facial recognition camera can stay on the same system but with a different IP, reducing any types of hackable events. Or you can go the simpler route and all you need is a Paxton Net2 proximity fob, monitor, and control panel, and you’re all set.

You can even have different user setups, so you can have a mix of security and the office management themselves manage the reset, installation, or removal of any Paxton Net2 fobs or Paxton cards. This enables a modular approach to how security and responsibilities are handled while being able to maintain a more efficient security workforce, that spends more time securing and less time on administrative work.

NIntegration of Paxlocks

Paxlocks themselves can be integrated as a great future cost-savings measure since there’s no need for creating new keys, and it’s easily programmable to the Paxton Net2 fobs. These are some of the fastest installations that Paxton offers and UK Red can easily replace all your current locks with Paxlocks throughout your premises.

These come in two flavours, where the Net2 Paxlock must be wireless and thus connect to the Paxton Net2 access control system, or the Paxlock Pro, which can be wireless if you choose, or also standalone if you want a different layer of security for certain areas.

Either way, we have you covered all the variety of Paxton locks, Net2 fob integrations, and Net2 proximity fobs that are available. A great part of this system is that it can be done iteratively and doesn’t need to be installed at once. We believe that after you have a few locks installed with this easy to use system, you will be able to quickly upgrade the rest of the locks with Paxlocks.

A mobile application to bring it all together

We can help to train you up on the Paxton Mobile application that helps manage commercial buildings remotely. It’s a great application to manage roll calls and handle any team notifications.

With the Paxton Connect application, you’re also able to open any Paxton door access or Paxlock we installed for you without the need for a Paxton fob. This can be managed from either the Paxton Connect application or from the Paxton access control desktop software.

This helps give peace of mind to security managers that may not always be available on-site, or while managing multiple buildings. Yet at the same time, they’re able to get their job done and to get a complete view of the security level within the buildings that they manage.

They can reset Net2 fobs, or even put down the entire building on lockdown. Don’t worry though, as there’s an added measure to ensure it wasn’t an accidental lockdown, which could prove to be embarrassing.

Maybe you want to be able to automate security a bit and set up zones and areas with time zone locks. Ones that can enable systems that are automatically locked to have their alarms fully turned on at certain hours of the day. All is possible with the convenience of remote control with your mobile smartphone.

About UK Red Security and Fire Systems

You already know that we only work with the best in the industry, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we’ve taken the time in-house to properly understand the complete Paxton Net2 framework and installation options they can offer. This in turn helps us to understand exactly how we can meet your needs.

Our approach to Paxton

Paxton Net2 is a very scalable solution as mentioned above. So, with that said, we still recommend having an initial design and framework ready so that we can start the first phase of installation properly.

This will give us time to install everything that you’re going to need from the Paxton cards and Paxton Net2 fob integrations to the variety of Paxlocks you want to upgrade all of your existing door locks with. This way, we can also help to provide you with the appropriate timeframe and budget.

Part of this timeframe is the right training for you and your staff to fully understand how to use all of these fantastic features that Paxton offer, especially with the technology powering everything through Paxton access control and Paxton connect.

We’ll handle the setup, installation, and wiring. After you have had some time utilizing one of the most user-friendly systems in building management and security, we can start to discuss further expansions to your Paxton system and how easy it will be to add the Paxton Net2 access control system to it.

In addition, we can discuss what integrations would look like and how they’d work with your entire system, from Net2 proximity fobs and Paxton cards to intruder alert notifications and lockdown.

Don’t forget the most important reason to partner with us at UK Red SFS. It’s that we don’t treat you as our clients, but as our partners, meaning we will always offer up maintenance services to ensure that all of your building management hardware is working perfectly. If a Paxton Net2 fob isn’t being read properly by the reader, we’ll be there to get it working or fixed as soon as possible.

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