Paxton Net2 Access Control – An Easy to Use System for Any Business

Paxton Net2 Access Control

If you are looking for a simple solution for your current security concerns within your business, look no further than the Paxton Net2 Access Control system. Many business owners come to us asking what would be the right access management solution for their needs. Today we’re going to share the top reasons you should consider the Paxton Net2 access control system and the benefits it will offer your business in the future.

What is the Paxton Net2 Access Control System?

Access management is something almost every business could benefit from during the current time. It’s a way to record who is coming in and out of your building and have more control over what’s going on inside your workplace. This control solution offers a flexible way to give access to both staff and visitors, and the software that comes with it means you’ll have full control over who is coming and going from your office. While you can enjoy many of the basic features of the Paxton Net2 system with the Net2 Lite basic access control, you could also upgrade from this to enjoy all of the advantages of the Paxton access control program. Net2 access control is something that businesses of all shapes and sizes use, and you can configure the settings to allow groups and individuals in and out of your building.

Key highlights of the features of this system include the user-friendly software, site graphics, IP camera, and more capabilities which will allow you full control over your building. There are also advanced settings on offer, which can be used to offer a more customised experience. Net2 Pro is something we recommend to larger businesses or those with higher security threats. It’s particularly useful for anyone who’s still struggling to get back on their feet after the recent pandemic, as they have made many upgrades to the system based on current concerns that users have.

Checkpoint control is one of these new features which helps to offer extra protection for your staff and visitors. It allows you to monitor and approve the people who are entering your building. You’ll then be able to funnel them through to the correct location, minimising the risk of spreading illness or increasing security risks. It’s a great solution for hospitals and other high-risk settings, which have been faced with endless challenges during the past two years.

Protect Your Staff and Visitors

The Net2 access control system helps you to protect your staff and visitors and is used in workplaces, schools, and other types of buildings. Net2 Pro is the best option for anyone looking to get the most out of their Paxton access control system, and it will help you to deal quickly with emergency situations. You’ll enjoy control operator permissions, which include fire alarm integration, muster reporting, and timesheets for your employees. These can all help to make your life as a business owner easier than ever, and your HR team can receive these reports on a daily basis to speed up the time they spend on critical reporting and paperwork.

The Net2 access control system also offers solutions for sensitive sites, which may need more from their Paxton Net2 access control system. You can allow just the people who need free movement this opportunity on your site while restricting those who shouldn’t be in certain areas. There is also the option of multi-zone intruder alarm integration and anti-passback to stop anyone from reusing a key to gain entry to your site. All in all, these features will offer you the protection you need to keep operating in a safe and secure manner no matter what challenges come your way.

Another feature we appreciate from this access control system is the remote access option. No matter where you are working from in the country, you’ll be able to see what’s going on at your site. This gives you more control over what’s going on in your workplace while also providing you with the freedom to work from home or conduct meetings on the road. It’s a great option for anyone who is starting to work with a hybrid model, as you’ll still know what’s taking place when you are away from the office.

The Paxton Net2 access control system can benefit businesses of all sizes, and it’s useful for companies operating in almost any industry. With all of the features we shared above, you’ll be able to customise this system to ensure you have a safe and secure solution in place to track who is coming in and out of your building at all times. Our team will be here to support you with the installation of this access control system in your building, so contact us today for more information or to get started with this work.

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