Monitor Time and Attendance With an Access Control System

Monitor Time and Attendance With an Access Control System

Time and attendance are something that any profitable business needs to keep an eye on. While we’d all love to trust our employees and students, unfortunately, in so many cases, it’s necessary to monitor when people are coming and going from a workplace or educational centre. Today we’re going to discover how an access control system could be the key to improving time and attendance as we enter into the new year.

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Reporting for Time and Attendance

Attendance control is something that businesses of all shapes and sizes need to consider. Time and attendance can cost businesses a fortune, especially when it’s not monitored and acted upon. By controlling attendance access, you’ll find that your employees are more dedicated to their work and have fewer sick days. A time and attendance system is the key to monitoring the number of hours your team members or students spend on-site each day. If someone arrives late, you’ll be able to see if this is a regular pattern that’s taking place.

Time and attendance systems have been used for many years, and they were primarily used in factories in the past. Employees would use them to clock in and out for their shifts, and then at the end of the day, their hours could be processed by their HR and finance departments. These are still important reasons for companies to use these control systems, but you’ll find that they can also help to improve efficiency and productivity within any company. No business is too big or small to consider adding this into place. As technology has developed, it’s even simpler for leaders to keep on top of their teams. We’ll work with you to find a modern solution that tracks who comes in and out of your business each day.

Modern Time and Attendance Systems 

In a similar way to how your access control system would work, you’ll find that time and attendance systems electronically record the credentials of anyone who enters and exits the building. Each of your team members will have their own card or way to mark their attendance so that your database is updated to say they have arrived at the building. You’ll find these systems can also improve security, as someone will either be denied or granted access to the building. Buildings that only want certain people in confidential areas can also use them to monitor who is going in and out of different parts of the building. Even if you have a very complex building, you can track who is where and at what times of the day.

It’s up to you how your team members clock in and out each day. You could opt to give everyone a key fob or control card, but remember, these physical items can easily be lost. A lot of companies are now using mobile phone apps, which allow employees to also see the data about when they are going to and from work. You might even want to think about using biometrics, which can scan your face or fingerprint to ensure only certain people are allowed into your building. Of course, your budget will dictate which options are open to you, and we’ll be here to find the right access control system for your company next year.

The Benefits of Access Controls System 

As well as user access control for time and attendance, you’ll find that physical access control helps to improve security and safety in a building. Access control security gives you greater control over who moves in and out of the building, which is useful in emergency situations. You’ll find that the time spent on HR and financial reporting is also reduced, which any business owner will greatly appreciate. This can lower operating costs for many businesses.

After the recent pandemic, business owners are looking to have more control over their organisation. Security is of top concern as thefts have increased in the past year. If you are worried about the productivity of your employees, monitoring their time and attendance is critical in the next year. It will help you to get back on track once again and remain at the top of the industry you are operating within.

For more information about installing an access control system for time and attendance, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss the various options on offer to you and how these systems can take your business to the next level. Our company is passionate about offering security systems to protect businesses across the country, and we’ll be here to support you in every way we can as we enter the new year. It’s never too late to protect your business, so get in touch with our team now to start planning your access control system.

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