Account Management & Maintenance

Maintenance and Monitoring

Account Management & Maintenance

We have invested over £50,000 in software and additional hardware to provide the client with a fully managed efficient solution.


  • CRM
  • Service Management
  • Automatic Invoice Generation
  • Real-time links to Sage from Site
  • Management software
  • PDA, Tablet and Android Enablement
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management


  • Engineering Team fully Mobile and coverage across the UK
  • Modern fleet of Vehicles, Tracked with a vehicle tracking solution providing real-time of the location of engineers
  • All engineers fully trained to the required qualifications
  • Engineers stocked with van stock of spare parts
  • PDA engineering ‘app’ for instant office integration
  • All engineers carry the required testing equipment to provide effective testing and fault finding


By harnessing worldwide technologies and developing our own integrations, we continue to offer leading services that only improve the performance of our alarm monitoring services.

  • Receive a fast response to an activated alarm, minimising the chances of loss or damage
  • Police and Fire Brigade call outs when required, giving further protection
  • Helps meet insurance requirements, especially in commercial environments
  • Facilitates superior management control of staff activity in commercial settings
  • NSI Gold approved monitoring services

Client Interface – The Touch ‘App’

  • End-User Touch app
  • Live viewing of alarm events at your fingertips
  • Ability to replace or add temporary key-holders
  • The ability to view multiple sites across your estate

Maintenance and Monitoring 

With many moving parts and people to manage, businesses need to coordinate security projects almost with military precision, providing highly structured plans that everyone who has a role to play has access to. 

Plans need phases, from design to planning, scheduling, and implementing.  Plans can also grow exponentially and hence must be managed well if the project is to succeed. 

The good news is project management software can help! 

Robust and dynamic, the right service management software package can help carry most projects’ weight and volume. 

At UK Red Security, we have invested over £500,000 in project management software and additional hardware to continue to provide our clients with a fully managed, effective, and efficient solution. 

Our office-based solutions include: 

  •  CRM Management 
  •  Inventory Management 
  •  Service Management 
  •  Automatic Invoice Generation 
  •  Real-time links to Sage from Site management software 
  •  Project Management 
  •  PDA, Tablet and Android Enablement 

Some main features of project management software include things such as Gantt charts, project scheduling, progress tracking, dashboards, resource management, email alerts, mobile apps, and more. 

Which, for you, means a more cost-effective way of managing costs, people, and resources! 

Our field-based solutions include: 

  •   A mobile engineering team able to provide UK wide coverage 
  •   Vehicle tracking solutions offering real time data and GPS locations of engineers 
  •   Engineers that are trained, qualified and experienced 
  •   We stock a wide range and selection of parts 
  •   For instant office integration we offer the PDA engineering ‘app’ 
  •   Testing equipment available to help engineers locate faults and issues asap. 

To find out how UK Red Security can help you today, call our dedicated team on xxx. 

Benefits to project management 

We like to think of building service management as mission-based, i.e., the organisation of the project ends when the actual project itself ends. 

The major benefit of a well-managed mission-based plan is it allows you to control: 

  • Scope 
  • Cost 
  • Time 
  • Quality. 

Helping with inventory management, account management, automatic invoice generation, and more.  Project management software helps streamline processes and improve productivity while keeping you on time and budget. 

It ultimately allows you to control every phase, keeping you organised, and everyone updated.  (Did we mention you can also receive real-time data?) 

At UK Red Security, we continue to help businesses manage their planning activities while ensuring the safe and successful installation of all security solutions. 

Security monitoring 

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, however, we’re proud to be at the forefront of these innovations when it comes to harnessing their use for our own integrations. 

Offering leading security services that improve the performance of our alarm monitoring services for clients UK wide. 


  • Minimise the risk of loss or damage to your site or property with a fast response rate to all activated alarms 
  • Protect you further with emergency service call outs when and as required 
  • Meet your insurance company requirements, regulations, and latest guidelines 
  • Help with the quality control of staff activity effectively and efficiently without causing disruption to everyday operations 
  • Apply NSI Gold approved monitoring services. 

Client Interface – The Touch ‘App’ 

  • Designed for the end-user 
  • Receive real-time links and notifications all available at your fingertips 
  • You now have the capability and opportunity to add or replace temporary key-holders 
  • If you operate across multiple sites you can now view these with ease all from one location 

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Stages of project planning 

Starting the project – at this stage, you must check if the project is feasible. What are your goals, costs, timelines?  You need to understand the reason behind your project. 

Define and plan the project – ultimately, we like to think of this stage as outlining how you will achieve success.  Make sure to be transparent so everyone involved knows what is happening and when. 

Launch your project – plan, implement, and change areas as and when required.  Use this part of the plan to manage workloads and resources with ease, again linking back to inventory management and regular reporting. 

Track project performance – you need to monitor your project to help keep it on track!  Ensure to manage this against key performance indicators and remember to stay flexible! 

Good account management is key to business success.  Helping nurture relationships, account management allows you to understand your client needs, grow your client base, manage your client base, and retain your clients. 

It also helps to create positive customer experiences, which in return increases customer retention. 

Make sure to look for UK security services that support, communicate, and nurture positive relationships. 

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