Locking Solutions

Locking Solutions

  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Secure, convenient electronic locking with audit trail
  • Flexible & temporary access rights including audit trail
  • Saves time due to owning stock
  • Easy to use: no software maintenance or installations at end-user
  • Highly secure: end-to-end encryption
  • Works in environments with demanding conditions
  • The keys are certified IP67 waterproof
  • Fast and easy key replacement from stock
  • Wide cylinder range
  • Solves the problem of lost and copied keys
  • Battery-powered key for reduced maintenance and high security
  • State of the art, easy to use cloud-based software
  • Low cost and easy to use solution
  • High level of IT security and data protection
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Efficient and easy to use Locking Solutions
Secure, convenient electronic locking with audit trail

Keep your business secure with some of the best locking solutions around 

Locking solutions for access control systems come in a range of different types, styles, and security features. 

We know that finding the most suitable door lock for you and your business is essential. 

We also understand that it is vital for businesses to protect their premises, equipment, belongings, etc., at all times. 

That’s why we provide only the most high-quality, suitable lock systems for your business. 

When not just any old lock will do; speak to the experts at UK Red Security today on 0113 265 9790. 

Types of door locks

Electronic door locks 

The electromagnetic lock is one of the most common and most popular currently available as, if we’re honest, it is a lock that offers it all. 

The lock itself works as the large electromagnet meets the armature plate, securing the door in place. 

The good news is these locks are straightforward to install and offer a high level of intruder resistance. They also work well if you want to introduce a security code or card system on the control reader, releasing the magnet when the right card is swiped with the door opening on request. 

You will also find electromagnetic doors used alongside push to exit button doors, making it easier and simpler on internal door applications. 

An electric strike release solution is also a type of electronic door lock that is easy to install and, again, is designed to work alongside card readers or keypads. Here the system will receive a message that a valid card or pin has been used and the electric strike release then allows the door to be opened. You can also use this particular locking solution alongside night latches, deadbolts, and sash locks. 

Electric motorised multipoint locks are growing in popularity as they offer a great locking solution for UPVC doors and are now suitable for wooden composite doors, too, offering a heightened degree of security. 

As part of your overall locking solution, you will also find available overhead door closers powered by a motor to aid door assistance. This type of system is suitable for both single and double doors. Ultimately electric door openers make opening and closing doors easy, making them convenient for business and sometimes essential! 

When it comes to door locks suitable for your business, an initial site survey and risk assessment should be carried out to assess all areas and all requirements.  

For example, what type of door would be most suitable in an emergency or fire? Does it need to be freely opened? Are they part of an emergency exit? Do certain doors need to be closed at all times, etc.? 

For further information on the best locking solution for you, please get in touch with the team at UK Red Security to chat through your requirements. 

Electric locking systems 

Make sure you protect your business with high-quality security locks you can trust. 

Those that: 

  • Offer additional safety 
  • Are efficient and easy to use 
  • Protect your assets 
  • Provide an electronic audit trail 
  • Make your employees feel safe and secure 
  • Offers end to end encryption, making them highly secure 
  • Reduce the risk of locks being picked and damaged 
  • Work in demanding environments 
  • Are battery-powered for reduced maintenance 
  • Are cost-effective 
  • Use the latest technology and software solutions 
  • Offer a solution that can’t be duplicated. 

Types of door locks

Card Systems 

The benefits of operating a card security lock system are that it helps to keep security simple. Card readers also allow you, as the business owner, to record who is coming in and out of the building at any time.   

For internal doors with card readers, you can also restrict access to certain areas and set specific times that the cards will work. 

All of these measures help you to increase security and reduce the risk of theft. 

You can also operate card reader systems with a master card to provide you with access to all areas and all doors. 

Note:  Only those authorised have access to the classified information included in key codes and key cards. 

Keypad Locks 

The benefit of introducing a keypad lock into your business is that it offers owners a high degree of flexibility. For example, you can set different codes for individuals and teams. You can also change codes and limit access to users where appropriate. Similar to key cards, you can also monitor securely who is coming in and out of the building and accessing what areas at what times. 

Most keypad locks also aren’t hard-wired, which helps reduce expenses and allows you to still access areas even during power outages (batteries can easily be replaced). 

In case of emergencies, you can also override these systems with ease. 

    Master Keys 

    Whether you’re looking to consolidate keys for just a few doors, or you need to manage and organise keys and locks for a big business. Having a master key system is vital in allowing you to access all areas in case of emergency, and of course, it stops you from searching through a vast keyring of keys just to find the right one! 

    Note:  Master key systems can also be integrated with any electronic hardware. 

    Fingerprint Solutions 

    Biometric entry solutions are fast becoming a popular locking solution for high-tech, high-value businesses who need to increase their security and protect their most valuable assets. Fingerprint security solutions are a great, innovative door locking system for businesses looking for something different. 

    Our trained technicians are on hand to support you in protecting your business today.

    How a lock is relayed 

    When we re-key an electric door lock, we only change the lock’s mechanical mechanism, preventing old keys and cards, etc. working in the new lock. We then completely reset the lock with a new key and access information. 

    No hardware is replaced with a re-key as it is only the internal component that is modified. 

    We’d recommend having your locks re-keyed in situations when keys are returned, lost, or stolen. You need multiple locks to ideally work with the same key. You have a new tenant moving in, or maybe you have a new cleaning company starting, a new building owner, etc. 

    At UK Red Security, we can design key systems that match your current hardware, customising solutions to meet your requirements. 

    To find out more call us on 0113 265 9790. 

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