Commercial intruder alarm systems installation and maintenance

Integrated Intruder Systems 

Commercial intruder alarm systems… 

…designed for you. 

Any threat to your business must be handled swiftly and effectively. 

And, with the right commercial intruder alarm system, you can achieve this and so much more – keeping you one step ahead of criminals. 

Our commercial-only products and services at UK Red Security & Fire Systems are designed for retail stores, trading units and factories, office spaces, and educational premises. Meeting the high industry standards and, specifically, your requirements, we specialise in the leading security brands, Orisec, Texecom, Honeywell among others. 

Keeping you, your employees, equipment, and premises safe and secure, we are trusted, experienced and professionals in our field – call us today to find out more. 

Intruder alarm systems for commercial and business needs
Intruder Alarm System with Touch Screen Keypads

Integrated Intruder Systems 

A commercial intruder alarm acts as a visible deterrent, making opportunists think twice before coming onto your premises uninvited. 

Sounding the alarm and alerting the relevant people, we can offer you: 

  • Fully Integrated Intruder Alarm Systems 
  • Wired & Wireless Solutions 
  • “App-Driven” Solutions 
  • Touch Screen Keypads 
  • High Quality 
  • High Spec Manufactured 
  • 24hr Monitored 
  • Police Response 
  • Key Holding Services 

Helping to review all risks and designing and installing a high-quality system that meets your business needs.

Tailored business intruder alarm packages 

As businesses are exposed to all types of threats, both internal and external, putting the safety and security of your business and employees first is vital. 

Commercial burglar alarm systems are your best defence to create a safe working environment. Protecting valuable equipment, materials, assets, and most importantly, your business data/information. 

Offering you the best solutions to protect your business, we can install security systems that allow you to monitor who is coming and going from your business 24/7; with apps making it even easier to control the security of your business, we strategically place the most appropriate security deterrents for you. 

Offering comprehensive protection covering all access points, our systems help to prevent intrusion, deter thieves, and facilitate the right security action. 

It’s all in the detail 

We’re pleased to offer our B2B customers a range of commercial intruder alarms and business intruder alarm installations to suit your requirements. We aim to provide the right systems to protect your business, meet all insurance requirements, and adhere to all legislation obligations. 

Working together, we can offer you: 

  • Fully integrated systems 
  • Systems that are flexible and able to scale with your business 
  • Business wireless intruder alarm systems that come with smart features, including mobile monitoring 
  • Bell-only systems 
  • Appropriate signage and security posters 
  • Full warranties, maintenance, as well as professional technical assistance. 

Tailored to your business’s security needs, we support small, medium, and large size businesses across all industry sectors. 

Helping you find a system that ticks all the boxes. 

Commercial intruder alarm installers 

The importance of protecting your business from unauthorised access, intruders, burglars, opportunists, etc., cannot be underestimated. 

In fact, it’s vital. 

The good news is business burglar alarm systems are designed to help. Tailored to meet your business needs, a fully integrated burglar alarm can help protect your business premises and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Working with you, we carry out a robust and in-depth audit of your business and premises, providing you with a complete analysis and breakdown of our findings. 

From here, we can build a security package that suits you perfectly. 

Professional installation starts here. 

Call the professionals at UK Red Security & Fire systems today at 0113 265 9790. 

What to look for in an intruder alarm  

Alarm systems come in a range of different styles and types, and it’s essential that you bear in mind your requirements and specifications before you start to look at the right system for you. 

Some key features we would recommend that, as a business owner, you need to look out for in a high-quality alarm system include: 

  • A Grade 2 or 3 system that is insurance company-approved. 
  • Insurance company approved installation. 
  • A system that offers 24-hour monitoring. 
  • Option for GPS and even IP signalling. 
  • A burglar alarm system that offers anti-mask detection devices. 
  • A security system that is suitable for your business premises. 

It’s also vital that all alarm systems in the UK are installed and maintained by professional, trained engineers who can offer you the best solutions and great advice. 

For quality information you can rely on, call our team today on 0113 265 9790; we’re ready to help you keep your premises safe. 

Types of commercial burglar alarms 

  • Commercial wireless intruder alarm system 
  • Wired systems 
  • Bell-only alarm system 
  • Commercial intruder alarm monitoring 

Features of these systems include: 

  • Control panels 
  • Sensors/detectors 
  • Sirens 
  • Signage 

When choosing the right commercial intruder alarm system for your business, you must consider its flexibility, what accreditations the installation team and system hold, whether the system meets your needs, and whether it fits your budget. 


Commercial intruder alarm systems are graded between a value of low risk and high risk, and what you choose will depend on business type and requirements. 

By carrying out a detailed risk assessment and speaking with your insurance company (what do they ask from your business burglar alarms, do they require a specific grade, installed and regularly maintained by professionals, full documentation and certification, etc.), you will be able to find the right grade for you. 

Low risk, Grade 1 – intruders’ knowledge of the alarm system is limited, and they have little tools at their disposal. 

Low to medium risk, Grade 2 – some knowledge of alarm systems is known to the intruder, and they have access to various tools and some specific alarm system equipment. 

Medium risk, Grade 3 – intruders know the alarm system and have a wide selection of tools, equipment, and even electronics at their disposal. 

High risk, Grade 4 – intruders have resources and detailed plans accompanied by a full artillery of equipment. 

Grades 2 and 3 are the most commonly found on commercial properties, where systems categorised as high-risk are found most suitable for those high-value, high-risk environments, i.e., banks, jewellery stores, art galleries, etc. 

Our systems help protect your business. 

Whether you’re looking for a wireless alarm system, a Grade 2 intruder system that uses secure radio frequency, 24-hour protection, GPS signalling and a system that is suitable for smaller business premises due to the quick and easy installation, OR you want a visual intruder alarm system that offers visual confirmation, is also a Grade 2 system but can be battery-powered, offering you the ability to review video clips and uses military-grade radio frequency (note: this type of system is ideal for construction sites and vacant properties), we can offer it all. 

Included in intruder alarm kits can be window sensors, magnet contacts, movement and vibration technology, and more. Again, these kits can and will be customised to your requirements and specifications. Working with you, we will conduct robust site inspections and visits to tailor a security solution that fits your business perfectly. 

Call us today on 0113 265 9790 to find out more. 

Intruder alarm maintenance  

Installation of any alarm or intruder system should be done by professionals and maintained routinely. This means to keep your alarms in perfect working order you need to keep on top of your maintenance. 

And this is where our experienced team comes in. 

Offering you: 

  • On-demand call outs 
  • Business monitoring 
  • Regular, scheduled maintenance at times that are convenient to you and your business 
  • We can also consolidate maintenance of your fire and security alarms, making maintenance extremely cost-effective. 

Business intruder alarm maintenance doesn’t have to be tiresome; our team is effective and efficient and keeps you and your systems compliant all year round. 

Benefits to business intruder alarm installation  

You have constant protection – gain peace of mind that your business is safe and secure even when you’re not there. 

Reduce the chance of vandalism and break-ins. Burglar alarms act as a great deterrent and prevent many people from breaking into buildings. 

Helps with insurance premiums. Using insurance approved intruder alarm systems can reduce insurance premiums where possible. 

You won’t experience human error that you may encounter when hiring security guards or door staff. 

If you’re: 

Looking to install new intruder alarm systems, or you’re thinking about upgrading your current security alarms, perhaps your system requires a few maintenance repairs, or you now want 24-hour monitoring, look no further than UK Red Security & Fire Systems. 

Call 0113 265 9790 today.

Why UK Red Security & Fire Systems? 

We are: 

  • Competent 
  • Professional 
  • Trusted 
  • Compliant 

Protecting your property and staff is vital. Installing alarms that deter intruders and alert staff to potential dangers, we ensure the business intruder alarm you opt for is suitable to adapt to the needs of the business. 

Let us take the pressure off when considering installation, maintenance, monitoring packages, solutions designed for the size of the premises, type of business, etc. 

With industry accreditations and certifications to support our expertise and knowledge, we ensure the best protection for your business. 

From fire and intruder alarm monitoring, we can provide a range of options – keeping your business as safe as possible 24/7. 

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