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Integrated Fire Systems

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Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm System Solution

Business fire alarm systems that could save lives and your business 

A fire breaking out in any business can be devastating and have long-lasting detrimental effects. This is why early detection and notification to the right emergency services is vital. 

It is also a legal requirement for all business owners to assess the threat of a fire breaking out in the workplace and evaluate its overall impact if it were to happen. This assessment should form part of a robust risk assessment which you must regularly review and monitor, attaching severity levels to the risk and all solutions and procedures put in place to mitigate this risk. 

At UK Red Security, we’re proud to carry F.I.A accreditation to design, install, and maintain fire alarms and smoke detection systems. Providing you with complete confidence that the systems we supply and install for you are fit for purpose and meet British and European standards. 

We keep full records of all designs and installations and hold updated certificates to show our full compliance with industry standards. 

If you’re looking for support with your fire alarm installation, call our team today on 0113 265 9790, we’d be happy to help. 

    Integrated Fire Alarm Systems from UK Red Security 

    When it comes to the types of fire alarm systems, this, of course, is dependent on your requirements, specifications, the outcome of your risk assessment, building, structure, purpose, legislation, and more. 

    Ultimately, there are three different types of system: 

    • Conventional 
    • Addressable 
    • Wireless. 

    Both conventional and addressable fall under the wired fire alarm services, each having its pros and cons.

    Integrated Fire Alarm Systems from UK Red Security

    Wired fire alarm

    These are not only the most popular but also the most traditional installation choice. These systems are also slightly cheaper and easier to maintain too.  

    Within wired systems, you then have a choice of a conventional fire alarm system which is ideal for smaller premises, i.e., shops and offices, etc., where zones can be identified and monitored as a log. Customers then have the option to include multiple devices within the same zone so any one of these devices can activate the fire alarm in an emergency. 

    In comparison, an addressable fire alarm is cabled in a loop and is much more suited to larger premises such as office blocks, hotels, schools, etc. Similar to conventional systems, you can connect numerous devices to the loop; however, with addressable systems, if the alarm is activated, the pinpoint ID will identify the initiating device so you can pinpoint the exact location that the fire broke out. These systems, in this sense, offer a lot more flexibility; however, note, they are slightly more complicated to install. 

    Then we come to wireless fire alarms. Wireless fire alarm systems are growing in popularity as, unlike wired systems, they are a lot less intrusive and disruptive, which is beneficial in a busy work environment.

    Wireless alarm systems are perfect for historical buildings, prestigious hotels, manor houses, newly designed offices, etc., utilising license-free radio communications to interconnect the sensors and devices with the controllers.

    What’s more, all of our systems are fully compliant with all legal requirements and can provide you with a temporary or permanent solution.

    Installed in a loop system, each device comes with its own ID, allowing you to pinpoint the exact fire source location.

    To find out which commercial fire systems would be best suited to your business, call us on 0113 265 9790 and request a site visit from a member of our team. 

    Design Categories

    There are currently three-alarm system and fire detection categories that businesses must consider when choosing the most suitable fire alarm for their commercial building.

    These categories are:

    Property Protection – Category P  

    This category ultimately looks after the protection of the property, with the aim to provide an early warning of when the fire is detected so businesses can minimise how quickly a fire can take hold and damage the property. 

    Life Protection – Category M 

    This category is broken down again into a range of various categories. The systems that fall within category L are designed to be installed throughout the entire commercial premises to detect fire risk and people at risk quickly. 

    It’s essential to work with experienced fire alarm companies who understand each of the categories within this area and who can provide guidance on the most applicable systems for your business. 

    Manual only system – Category M 

    This means exactly what it says on the listing, i.e., when the alarm needs to be activated in a manual system, a person would have to break the glass to raise the alarm. In these instances, for the alarm to be raised, someone must find the fire first and then act on it. 

    It’s important to note that manual systems will be installed in all categories of life protection. 

    The system design must consider the type of system required, what action you would like people to take in the event of a fire, who will be affected, how you will contact the emergency services, how many manual call panels you require, and more. 

    At UK Red Security, we are F.I.A accredited designers and engineers providing you with the best and most suitable design solutions around. 

    Protecting your premises and your employees is vital – and it’s the law!  

    All businesses must have the appropriate number of fire alarms installed within their commercial premises and the best fire detection systems to mitigate the risk of damage caused by fire.  

    UK fire alarm regulations state that all businesses must have `an appropriate fire detection system` in place. This means you need to ensure you have the right fire alarms installed to make fire easily detectable and a way to warn people quickly. 

    Fire Detection Systems

    We provide a wide range of fire alarm panels and detection systems, including:

    Optical smoke detector – able to detect visible smoke from any smouldering materials.

    Heat detectors – can detect a wide range of fires, making them suitable for various applications.  

    Ionisation detectors – not as popular today; however, these systems are suitable for detecting petrol fires or fumes created from paint thinners.

    CO detector – can sense a high carbon monoxide level in the air, raising the alarm and protecting people from poisonous gas.  

    CO and heat detectors – great for early fire detection and suitable for various applications.  

    Smoke, heat, and CO detectors– used when environmental conditions are challenging.  

    Rate of rise detector – can detect abnormally high rates of rising temperatures.  

    Fixed temperature detectors – can detect abnormally high static temperatures.  

    Beam smoke detectors – ideal for premises with high ceilings.  

    Flame detector – protects large open space, offering a fast response to fires caused by flammable liquids.  

    Air sampling – air is collected, filtered, and analysed by detectors for any abnormalities.  

    Video detection – CCTV can help you detect a fire in your premises and locate the primary source quickly. 

    Fire Detection Systems

    Our services 

    At UK Red Security, we’re proud to support our customers with: 

    • Fully integrated fire alarm systems 
    • Emergency lighting 
    • Fire zone plans 
    • Logbooks
    • Conventional and addressable systems 
    • F.I.A accredited designers 
    • F.I.A accredited engineers, and 
    • Full design and management solutions. 

    For a complete breakdown of what we can offer, contact our team today and let us help you tailor-make the perfect fire system package for your business.

    Call 0113 265 9790.

    Maintaining your fire alarms 

    You must carry out regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm services to protect not only your business property, goods, and equipment but also your people! 

    You have a responsibility to ensure that correct fire alarm maintenance is carried out and scheduled. 

    That’s why at UK Red Security, we help remove the burden of fire alarm servicing by providing you with regular inspections completed following all current UK guidance. 

    Note:  Inspections should not exceed six months, and we’d recommend weekly and monthly in-house tests too. 

    Ensuring your systems perform at their best and that they’re up to the job at hand, our team is trained, highly qualified, and experienced to carry out the highest quality service and maintenance checks.

    When it comes to fire alarm maintenance, we provide the full package.

    Installation – must be installed by a F.I.A accredited company, ensuring you and your premises are safe and meet all current legislation and regulation.  

    Maintenance – to keep them in good working order, systems must be maintained. Make sure to keep your staff and premises protected at all times.  

    Monitoring – get peace of mind that someone is looking after your property 24/7 with a fire alarm monitoring service you can rely on.  

    If you would like to know more about our fire alarm maintenance contracts for commercial business, call or email us today. 

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