Fully Integrated CCTV Systems

Integrated CCTV Systems

  • Fully Integrated CCTV Systems
  • IP, Analogue and POC Systems
  • “App Driven” Solutions
  • High Specification and High-Quality Manufactured Products
  • Perimeter Detection
  • 24hr Monitored
High Specification and High-Quality Manufactured CCTV Products
24hr Monitored CCTV Cameras

Integrated CCTV systems 

CCTV systems are extremely useful.  Ultimately, they are protecting your business and acting as a strong deterrent for intruders and opportunists. 

Using cutting-edge technology, you can capture your premises’ high-definition images 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. 

CCTV provides you with peace of mind as you’re able to view and record all the comings and goings within your premises.  It is a powerful security device that can prove to be invaluable to business owners and offer support to the police and even members of the public. 

Easy to set up, and with continued advances in technology, CCTV systems today are also extremely easy to manage. 

What an integrated CCTV system can offer you 

Placing security camera systems around your premises allows you to capture the areas you want to protect the most—recording and storing footage so that you have complete digital video management. 

Most CCTV systems in the UK are now mobile, so you can view and check-in on your premises from your mobile phone, tablet, or even PC, making everything streamlined and very convenient for business owners. 

There is also the option to receive notifications to help you raise the alarm that someone is potentially in the building that shouldn’t be or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. 

With low resolution available for live display and high definition available when you need to record, you have nothing to lose and greater security and peace of mind to gain when you look to install CCTV on your premises. 

Now, nothing has to go unnoticed with integrated CCTV security systems 

The good news is you can combine CCTV systems with your existing security so you can build a robust and comprehensive security package. 

Working with professional CCTV installers, by integrating your entire system, you can customise individual devices to respond to the areas that concern you the most. 

Our focus is on designing a security solution that works for you and ultimately makes your life easier. 

To find out more, call us on 0113 265 9790. 

Types of CCTV available 

From standard fixed to mini domes, there is a CCTV solution for a range of businesses. There’s also a range of analogue HD and IP camera systems suitable for internal and external use.  

360-degree cameras

great if you want to have eyes everywhere.  These cameras can offer you a 180-degree panoramic view or a 360 degree Birds Eye view depending on your specifications.  With real-time monitoring available, you’ll also have access to the inbuilt DE warping technology, which helps to provide a completely clear picture.


suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these cameras sit in a dome-shaped housing (hence their name), offering a discreet but visible camera that can provide you with a lot of flexibility.

Robust, vandal-resistant cameras

with a high-impact protective case, these cameras are perfect in even the harshest of environments, even offering additional protection if someone attempts to remove the camera out of action entirely.

Bullet CCTV

these cameras are long and cylindrical in shape.  Often used if you require long-distance views, these cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use; however, they can’t be tilted, and you can’t zoom in on images.  Protective cases can also be provided to protect from external weather conditions. 

Compact and discreet cameras

don’t let the size of these cameras fool you!  Compact cameras can offer sharp, high-definition picture quality no matter the lighting.  Plus, they’re also much more discreet, blending into the surroundings much easier, making it harder for intruders to spot. 

Cameras with built-in IR illuminators

i.e., those that can perform in low light situations.  With many break-ins occurring at night, cameras need to perform, and provide the same quality image that you would receive during the day.  With IR illuminator cameras, you can make the switch between day and night seamlessly.

C-mount CCTV

less common, however, a great camera as they can be configured to various applications, covering distances of between 35 to 40ft! 

Tilt and Zoom cameras

these cameras can be moved in different directions, and you’re able to zoom in and out as required—an excellent CCTV system for security guards on call, monitoring premises.

Network/IP CCTV

images are transmitted over the internet, compressing the bandwidth not to overwhelm the web.  You also don’t require separate cables for IP cameras either. 

Wireless CCTV system

offers great flexibility; they’re also quicker and easier to install.   Suitable for a variety of environments where wires would look unsightly! 

Digital video recorders

allow you to record footage captured by your installed security cameras without the need to switch tapes once one is full!  This will enable you to now carry on with your day-to-day activities, stress-free! 

If you’re looking to upgrade your analogue cameras with HD CCTV, the good news is this is now possible without the need to replace your entire security system.  This makes it extremely cost-effective and allows you to capture even the smallest of detail. 

To find out about some of the best CCTV systems now available, call our team on 0113 265 9790, we’d be happy to help. 

Security camera systems 

  • IP CCTV camera system – very popular as it can fit with your existing network infrastructure. 
  • HD CVI system – capable of transmitting images of up to 500 metres over a standard coaxial cable. 
  • HD TVI system – offers great value and high-quality images. 

UK Red Security specialise in designing and installing business CCTV surveillance systems to suit your specific needs. 

We carry out full site surveys, design robust, customised systems; and our engineers are fully qualified and experienced in all installation types. We provide a maintenance and monitoring service to ensure your systems are continually working like the day they were installed. 

CCTV camera systems are always changing as innovations are brought to market, to find out more, and the best solution for your premises. 

Keep your premises protected even when you’re not on site 

Why should you install CCTV? 

  • Provides you with 24-hour protection. 
  • Reduces the risk of break-in and theft. 
  • It helps to protect staff and make them feel safe. 
  • Supports Healthy and Safety. 
  • Helps with time management. 
  • Can provide you with market research, i.e., footfall numbers, monitoring customer journey, etc. 

CCTV cameras are now more sophisticated than ever before, and they should be used to enhance your business’s overall functionality.  Providing you with analytics, thermal imaging, search and tracking, and more. 

Some of the services in our CCTV offer include: 

  • Fully Integrated CCTV Systems 
  • IP, Analogue, and POC Systems 
  • “App Driven” Solutions 
  • High Specification and High-Quality Manufactured Products 
  • Perimeter Detection 
  • 24hr Monitored 

Call us today on 0113 265 9790 and let us help you protect your business further. 

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