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Integrated Access Control

  • Fully Integrated Access Control Systems
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Turnstiles
  • Barriers
  • Speed Lanes
  • Time Management
  • Attendance Records
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Fully Integrated Reporting Solutions
  • Integrated ID Cards With Access & Cashless Vending
  • “App Driven” Solutions
    Door Entry Systems
    Integrated ID Cards With Access & Cashless Vending

    Integrated access control systems 

    We know that every business has different access control requirements, and we understand that businesses must have systems in place that can flexibly adapt to continually changing environments and specifications. 

    That’s why we provide fully integrated solutions for commercial access control systems, helping to meet your requirements now and in the future. 

    In the future, not because we’re mind readers but because our teams work closely with you and your business forecasts and strategies, enabling us to provide the perfect foundation for security access control. 

    The right access control system can help you focus on your day-to-day business, increase productivity, and performance, which can help support revenue and growth. 

    What to look for in the perfect commercial door entry systems

    What to look for in the perfect commercial door entry systems 

    Versatile control – allowing for compliance and adaptability. 

    End to End Security – required to protect against potential cyber-attacks. 

    Up to date technology – using the latest software helps keep your access controls continually protected. 

    Rich Integration – from intrusion detection to fingerprint technology, think of all the security possibilities for your business. 

    Tailored expertise – all the security team at UK Red Security are highly trained, skilled, and full of experience. 

    Scalability – with the ability to start small and grow gradually, these systems allow you to scale when and as you need it. 

    Access control solutions 

    Access control systems ultimately, grant access to a building, and businesses must maintain and manage this access through computer-based controlled systems that are quick and easy to access. 

    To help minimise risk and ensure you get the best solutions around, we recommend that systems are individually designed to meet your requirements, considering such systems’ usage. 

    We offer a specialist design service, working with businesses, architects, site engineers, electrical contractors, and more to find the perfect solution for your setup. 

    To bring us on board with your project, call our team today

    Our services 

    At UK Red Security, we offer: 

    • Fully integrated access control systems 
    • Robust door entry systems 
    • Turnstiles 
    • Barriers 
    • Speed lanes 

    Supporting with: 

    • Time management 
    • Attendance records 
    • Health and Safety management 
    • Reporting solutions 
    • Integrated ID cards with access and cashless vending, and 
    • App-driven solutions.     

    Types of access control systems UK 

    At UK Red Security, we’re proud to offer the latest in access control technology, with some security door systems including: 

    • Proximity readers 
    • Card access systems 
    • Fingerprint recognition 
    • Key fob door entry systems 
    • Swipe card system 
    • And more! 

    You can also opt for a single door system or use fully networked fob door entry systems throughout the entire business. 

    Fully networked systems also allow for remote buildings to be connected and linked to your systems too, so you have full control no matter where you are based. 

    Access cards or employee ID badges allow teams to gain entry to secure areas and restrict people from particular areas. 

    For example, you can grant different levels of employees or different teams within a business different levels of access, i.e., not everyone should have access to the room where private and confidential information is held. 

    We have a wide range of incredible systems to suit all budgets and to satisfy all risk assessments. 

    We’re experienced in installing wireless controllers and readers, too – make sure to call us today to find out more. 

    When it comes to main door access systems, these include: 

    Intercom systems – whether this is audio or video, we offer it all.  Again, ranging from a single handset system to over 100 units suitable for larger-scale projects. 

    Video door entry – now you can screen callers before allowing entry into the building.  With two-way speech, single and multi-door systems available, these systems are suitable for homes, flats, and business premises and are available as internal and external panels. 

    Visitor management – this type of door access control system is great for schools, colleges, etc., as you can take quick visitor sign in as well as photo badge printing, with a simple touch screen interface, and notifications (ideal for fire evacuation checklists); this type of system meets all inspection criteria. 

    Existing systems – we also work with existing systems to maintain and upgrade as required, ensuring these systems continue to meet your ongoing needs. 

    Reviewing your existing security provision, our team provides a detailed report of your current security systems, ensuring its compliance and any gaps we may have identified in current systems, and how we can help. 

    If you’d like to chat about your access control requirements

    Benefits of having door access control 

    Increased security – protecting your premises and staff. 

    Cost-effective – the right access control panels can do more than just open doors; by fully utilising your access panels’ capabilities, you’re guaranteed to improve your ROI. 

    Flexible – solutions can be tailored to the type of business, size, and even expected growth. 

    Maintain and improve – stay up to date and fully functional with regular servicing and maintenance carried out by the UK Red Security experts. 

    Keeps businesses compliant for safety and security reasons. 

    We create safer work environments for your business 

    From simple one-door systems to multi-site systems controlled via intelligent user interfaces, we have it all. 

    Our experienced team will advise you through the best and most suitable solution to meet your business’s requirements and specifications. 


    • Single door/multi-door systems 
    • Various network solutions available 
    • Pin, fi, card, fingerprint readers 
    • Choice of lock releases and readers 
    • Full detailed reporting 
    • Installation and maintenance carried out by trained engineers 
    • A choice of packages 
    • A robust security consultation, and 
    • Systems to suit all businesses. 

    What to look for in an access control system 

    Access control systems typically include a user face including, access cards, card reader, and a keyboard alongside their admin face where the dashboard is contained for monitoring, followed by the overall infrastructure that includes the hardware, access control panels, servers, etc. 

    When it comes to what to look for in an access control panel, we’d recommend: 

    • Compatibility 
    • In line with current regulations and standards 
    • Good integration with existing and other systems 
    • Able to support both wireless and wired technologies 
    • Ease of use 
    • Competitively priced 
    • All supported by trained professionals! 

    What to look for in an access control system

    Installation and maintenance 

    Door access control systems are electronic security networks that businesses install to help manage people’s movement in, out, and around business premises. 

    Ultimately, the access control installation process is relatively straightforward in its design as it aims to allow the monitoring of individuals within the building.  Controlling who has access to what areas and creating restricted areas where necessary. 

    Administrators of these systems will also manage permissions, so access to certain areas is only granted to those who really need it. 

    However, these systems must be regularly maintained if they are to be kept in good working order and to a high standard that is compliant with current regulations. 

    We offer competitively priced servicing and maintenance packages to suit all businesses – call our team on 0113 265 9790 to find out more. 

      Access control and electronic locks 

      We work to design the best access control system for your business. 

      Training staff on its use so you and your team can have full confidence in the system installed. 

      The good news is electronic locks can be incorporated into existing access control systems if required. 

      Electronic locks can range from concealed locks, surface versions, standard release strikes, and even electromagnetic locks – all of which are compatible with traditional intercom and access control systems – speak to a team member to find out more. 

      UK Red Security 

      We want to make people feel safe while providing the highest level of protection for your goods and services. 

      We offer cost-effective, reliable solutions that you can trust – call us now on 0113 265 9790 to find out more. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does the access control system work?

      A digital network, access control systems manage entry in and out of designated areas using the tag, tag reader, and access control panel, working together to create a seamless, automated experience.

      The tag (key card/key fob etc.) uses wireless technology and RFID signals that, when presented to the reader (control panel), pick up on encoded radio waves that will then unlock/release the door. i.e., once the tag is recognised by the reader, entry in or out is then authorised.

      Each tag contains unique information, so it can be programmed to different users, allowing you to authorise different access levels.

      What does access control include?

      Depending on the access control system you opt for, you will find locking hardware, door readers, door controller, control panels, sensors, and software to manage data and information, all included.

      These elements combined help verify usernames, passwords, PINS, biometric scans, etc., identifying all the security features you have previously identified and pre-programmed.

      Access control systems can also include multifactor authentication, where you can use fingerprint software with pin access, for example.

      Providing you with flexibility, convenience, and a high level of security, access control systems will include access cards, key fobs, and even apps downloaded to smartphones.

      How much do the access control systems cost?

      The type of system, requirements, number of doors to be included, the complexity of the security system, authentication method, and even the brand of access control system you opt for will all affect cost.

      Typically, keyless door entry systems cost between £500-£800 per door. You also need to factor in installation costs and the control system (approximately £300).

      You should also factor in ongoing maintenance and repair costs to ensure your system continues to operate at a high standard.

      With the long-term benefits outweighing the short-term investment, contact UK Red Security for further information on access control system pricing.

      What is an access control system?

      An access control system ultimately grants access to authorised personnel to a building and the rooms within it.

      An access system works when a key card, fob, or pin is entered or presented, unlocking doors, and allowing people to enter locations with ease.

      Suitable for various businesses, access control systems help protect data, equipment, and people, by determining and controlling who can enter and leave rooms/buildings, understanding where people can go, and even when they’re allowed access.

      An electronic security feature identifies who has authorisation and who enters and exits the building, Access control systems improve efficiency and security.

      What are the types of access control systems?

      Determining how permissions are assigned and controlled, access control systems include:

      Discretionary – least restrictive, access rights and permissions for all users

      Mandatory – recommended for those looking for good or high security, assigning permission you have sole discretion.

      Role-based – permissions set based on role in the organisation

      Rule-based – i.e., permissions set for certain times on certain days.

      Types of access control systems include key cards, key fobs, mobile, biometrics, swipe cards, and more.

      You also have the option of a single door or a fully networked system.

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