The importance of access control systems

The importance of access control systems

Access control systems for business ultimately help you keep your building secure and make certain business areas off-limits to all employees. 

Of course, it’s not just about keeping the bad guys out, but instead protecting private and confidential information and data and keeping employees safe and secure too. 

Ultimately, door access controls allow or deny access to a building or specific area within a building and will be typically managed by your business’s security policy or security team/officer.

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Why not opt for keys or pin codes? 

Yes, it is true you could use a key or pin code system instead of door access controls as these options are very valid in their own right. However, keys allow people to enter areas at any time, i.e., there are no time restrictions, so you can’t restrict areas to core hours of business, for example. Keys can also become expensive to manage, especially when we consider duplicating, issuing, returning, etc., and even the cost of replacing locks when keys are lost or stolen! 

Then we move to pin codes. 

How often are these changed? Do you change them every time an employee leaves and reissue everyone with new codes each and every time? Is it enough to keep everyone safe and secure? 

With both keys and codes, the main downfall is that there will be no audit trail which can make things difficult to manage (if there is a breach in security) and look back on to identify people and times. 

Access control systems 

One of the main reasons for access control systems is that it allows you to identify people and even vehicles entering your premises or specific areas. You know who is coming in and out, pinpointing exact dates and times when necessary—minimising business risk by keeping the building, data, and people secure. 

This is achievable via cards and even fingerprints. 

The design of door access systems primarily allows specific teams or staff members access to certain areas only, so you can control security within your building as required. 

You can also set these systems up so that they only allow access at specific times; for example, they could line up with when you have security on-site, stop people working after hours, or when they are on annual leave, etc. This way, you can regulate who has access to certain areas, equipment, and devices at specific times. 

Importance of access control 

Door access controls are used to secure buildings and protect people, places, and equipment. 

With the right system, you can gain significant value, boosting security levels, productivity, creativity, and performance. 

You have control over who has access to certain areas, which doors, if you would like to introduce timed access, under what conditions staff members are allowed access, etc. 

Depending on the size and make-up of your team, you can also set parameters for each individual, where systems can be easily accessed and updated at any time. 

Door access controls include access cards, pin codes, fingerprints, and more. The method and type of system you choose will depend on your business and situation. The good news is you can combine more than one method to increase your security level further; for example, you could have an access badge that identifies who you are, and then you can implement a pin code to verify that you are who you say you are. 

Access systems in this sense, are entirely flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Benefits of access control 

  • It can go hand in hand with your IT security, protecting you from data loss, theft, or breach of privacy and data protection laws. 
  • You can see in an instant who is accessing what areas and when. 
  • You can open up or block permissions instantly. 
  • It keeps you compliant with data protection laws. 
  • Keeps your business and personnel safe and secure. 
  • It can act as a deterrent. 
  • Helps to uphold cybersecurity standards. 
  • Access control can be set up and administered centrally. 
  • Different times can be set up and assigned to people depending on requirements. 
  • It can be easily updated. 

If you are thinking about implementing robust access control systems into your workplace and unsure how broad or narrow your scope should be, call UK Red Security today to discuss your requirements further. We can help to effectively increase your security with access controls that work for you. 

Our focus is on providing a solution that works for your business—protecting against breaches in privacy and providing you with a valuable security technique.

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