How to Improve Your Warehouse Security

How to Improve Your Warehouse Security

If you own a warehouse, you are no doubt aware of the security risks when you leave this space unattended. A good warehouse security system can help to avoid unwanted visitors, which could potentially result in the loss of a huge amount of your stock. Today we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for warehouse planning and improving your intruder alarm system moving forward.

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1. Review Your Commercial Intruder Alarm System

Hopefully, you already have some form of intruder alarm in place in your warehouse, but if you don’t, this is the first step to securing your property. We encourage you to rely on motion detection, which should be the main warehouse security system you have in place. We all know that these alarms go off when the sensor is tripped by someone entering the building, and it’s one of the best ways to ensure no one is entering your warehouse at night or during the weekends when no one is working. If you have a monitoring centre, these will all be linked, and your security team will be able to keep on top of anything that occurs in the building when you aren’t around.

2. Consider Perimeter Protection

When it comes to warehouse monitoring, it’s not just about protecting the inside of your building. You need to think about the perimeter of the land you own and ensuring that no one who isn’t authorised to enter is able to get in. Consider adding perimeter fencing or an intruder alarm system outside if you are concerned about your security, or even setting up a guard and gate system for entry. Of course, this will be dependent on the size of your property and where it’s located, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the protection of your warehouse starts on the outside.

3. Receive Remote Notifications

It’s impossible for you to be at the warehouse or monitoring your burglar alarm system 24/7, but for that reason, we recommend setting up remote notifications. Even if you are relaxing at home on a Saturday night, you’ll be warned if something has happened at your warehouse. This type of warehouse monitoring will ensure that you are always the first to know when something has happened, and you’ll be able to head into your workplace or call up a member of your team to check out what’s going on. We understand this might sound like a disruption to your home life, but when it comes to warehouse planning, it’s best to know when something has happened immediately than to deal with the consequences later on.

4. Testing Your Alarms and Systems

There’s no point having alarms and systems in place if you aren’t sure if they are working. This is often part of local safety regulations, but you should also want to do this for your own peace of mind. Add burglar and fire alarm tests to your warehouse planning schedules, and make sure these are tested very regularly. After putting so much time and effort into protecting your warehouse, you wouldn’t want an intruder to enter and the alarms would not work. Avoid this issue with regular testing and maintenance of your systems where needed.

5. Have a Response Plan in Place

All of your employees should be aware of your emergency response plan should they hear the intruder alarm go off. Even if they aren’t going to be present during the night, you’ll want them to have a good idea of what to do if they accidentally trip the alarm when they come to work in the morning. This is also true for the fire alarms in your building, as you need everyone to be fully trained in this area to ensure they are evacuated in time should a fire break out. Whenever you welcome new team members to your business, training them on your fire safety plans should be your number one priority. After that, you can teach them about the burglar alarm system and how you would react in an emergency should one occur while they are working.

When you are first building or opening a warehouse, we encourage you to spend a good amount of time on warehouse planning. This is an area that many people often rush to, but it’s so important to help you find weak points in your security systems. By spending a little more time upfront working on these plans and installing the necessary alarms, you’ll ensure that you’re building, employees and stock are protected for many years to come. We know how much can be stored in a single warehouse, and when it’s left unattended for a long period of time, it can pose huge risks to your business. Contact us today for more information about warehouse security and to learn how we can help you to improve your security systems this year. 

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