How to Improve Security in Your Commercial Building

How to Improve Security in Your Commercial Building

As a commercial building owner, security should always be one of your top concerns. Both during the day and at night, you want to protect your building and all the information and employees held within this space. Here at UK Red Security, we know how critical security can be for protecting your business, so keep reading as we share some of the best ways to improve security in any commercial building this year.

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Choose a New Security System 

There are so many great security system options for commercial buildings, so we encourage you to think about adding one or upgrading your current system. These are a few of our top commercial building security system suggestions: 

  • Access control – This type of system will only allow authorised individuals into the building. This can be used for everyday access to offices, and all of your employees will be given a card or pin to allow them into the building. 
  • Alarms – No commercial building would be complete without alarms at various doors and windows throughout the building. They can be triggered in different ways and will alert your security team if they are opened. 
  • Door sensors – Another good addition to your doors are sensors. These will tell you when your door is open, and you can opt for laser or infrared doors if you are worried about a certain part of your building. 
  • Security cameras – These cameras are ideal for businesses that are left unattended at night or have huge premises. Your security team can monitor everything that’s going on in the building even when they can’t be physically present in a particular area. 
  • Fire safety systems – While security usually refers to people entering your building, fire safety is something that should never be overlooked. Ensure you are regularly inspecting your building and have all the equipment you need to comply with the local requirements for the city or country you operate in. 
  • Cybersecurity – Another security solution that modern businesses need nowadays is a cybersecurity system. This can stop you from being the victim of a cybersecurity attack and ensure your data and information isn’t compromised at any point.

How to Choose the Best Security Solution for Your Commercial Building 

No two buildings are exactly the same, which is why various alarm systems and burglar alarm options are available for businesses today. You’ll want to think about how big your building is and how many alarms and entry points you need to protect. This will dictate the best type of security system for your building security and help you to protect your building when no one is present during the night. If you have recently opened a new commercial building, we encourage you to find a quick and easy solution to improve your site security. Choose a company that will be able to quickly install your security system so that your building isn’t left open to attacks for too long.

Another consideration when choosing a security solution is the maintenance and customer care that you’ll receive after its installation. Fire safety equipment and smoke alarms need to be checked regularly, but the same is true for almost any type of security system. Keep this in mind when creating annual inspection lists, as these need to be added to ensure you are in compliance with local regulations at all times. Also, find a company and manufacturer that will offer you a good insurance policy and help you should any issues occur with your security system. Large buildings will need to think about warehouse security in a completely different way to ensure such a big space is looked after even when no one is working.

With the challenges of the past year, many commercial buildings have been left unattended for longer than usual. If this is the case for your property, make sure you think about hiring security team members. While this may add more expense for your business, you’ll find it to be a great deterrent for criminals. You’ll also have someone available at any time to inspect issues that may occur and offer you regular updates about potential risks to your building.

As you can see, there’s so much to consider when trying to improve the security in your commercial building. The size of your building and the type of business you operate will have a significant impact on the kind of security solution you need, but all the ideas listed above can be applied to most companies today. You’ll find that by selecting a combination of security solutions, you can protect yourself from the most significant risks that any business may face. Contact us today for more information about improving security in your commercial building and how we can help to secure your building and protect your company from potential risks. 

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