How Often Should Fire Alarms Be Tested?

How often should fire alarms be tested

After installing fire alarms, you’ve taken the first step towards protecting your employees and visitors to your workplace or office building. However, from there, you need to think about maintaining your fire alarms and protecting yourself for the following months and years after the installation process. Click here for more information about installing fire alarms and to discover why this is so critical for any type of business. Today we’re going to discover the answer to the question of how often a fire alarm needs to be tested at work, which is something that any business owner needs to be aware of.

How Often Does A Fire Alarm Need To Be Tested?

When discussing fire alarm testing frequency, there are many areas to take into account. There’s not just one type of test that you should perform as a business owner, as you need to regularly inspect that the fire alarms are working to look after yourself and your employees. As far as the components of the fire alarm which you should check, these include the control panel, LEDs, detectors for heat, smoke, and ducts, fuses, and the alarm’s visual and audible components. You’ll want to ensure you check the local fire safety requirements for your area so that you are in compliance at all times with this area.

For most businesses, we recommend conducting weekly visual inspections, where you simply check the quality of the equipment and that everything is still looking its best. This can be documented as part of your safety walks around your building. From there, each month, you should check the batteries visually to ensure there’s no corrosion or issues with the detectors. Finally, each year, you need to make sure that there have been no visible changes to the devices, which can happen with wear and age.

While visual inspections are a good starting point for your fire alarms, you also need to make sure they are in proper working condition. Fire alarm systems need to be tested on a weekly or regular basis to ensure everyone in your building knows the alarm works properly and what to do in an emergency. Work with your local authorities and your industry requirements to ensure you are conducting these tests regularly enough, based on the type of business and building you are operating. Certain buildings, such as schools and hotels, may need more regular tests than other types of business.

Fire Alarm Testing Assistance

We understand that not everyone has the experience of testing fire alarms by themselves. While you should ensure that someone in your business knows how to test the visual and audible alarms each week, there may be times when you feel like you need further professional help. Make sure you contact our team of professionals if you ever have any questions about how often fire alarm testing should take place. As a fire alarm company, we can work with you to test your commercial fire alarm systems, and we’ll ensure that your C-tec systems are in place to protect you for years to come. We know that areas such as the power sources and battery backup can be overwhelming to understand, so we can check each component to make sure it’s functioning as it should be.

Business owners have the responsibility to ensure that they are protecting their employees and visitors by making sure they have a working fire alarm system. This is a requirement by law, and it’s something that you should never skip over to just save a little time or money. By learning about the frequency of fire alarm testing, you’ll never find yourself in a difficult or dangerous situation again. You can rest assured knowing you are doing all you can to look after everyone in your workplace. Should an emergency occur, you’ll feel secure knowing that you will be alerted and protected as to what’s going on, which is something we all need to have the best chance of looking after everyone in our buildings.

Fire alarm testing is something that every workplace needs to have a system in place for. The sooner you implement a regular testing schedule, the more prepared you’ll be for an emergency. Our team will be here to support you with any questions you have about how often should fire alarms be tested. We’ll be happy to support you with the testing and installation process so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact us today for more information about fire alarm testing or what the best fire alarm solutions would be for your workplace. This is something that no business owner can afford to neglect to keep operating a safe workplace for years to come.

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