How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?

How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work

Security is of top importance to business owners throughout the country, who are always looking for new ways to upgrade their building’s security. Electronic door locks might be the key to offering you improved security, thanks to the endless benefits they offer once added to buildings. Keep reading as we discover how a keyless entry system works and why you should consider this over other door locks for your workplace. 

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How Does a Keyless Entry System Work? 

A keyless entry system allows authorised users access to a door or building without needing a key. This is sometimes known as a keyless electronic door, and it uses an electronic device to control the entry. Instead of having to give everyone metal keys, users will approach the door to gain access. Usually, this type of door will use a magnetic or electronic door system, which then requires a card for entry. It could also require mobile access or video authorisation, which makes for a quick and easy solution for your keyless door. Many businesses across the country are upgrading their doors to this type of door entry system, as it offers a more modern and effective security solution. 

How Will My Employees Gain Access to the Building? 

When adding a keyless door to your workplace or home, you might be wondering how you will gain access. There are many options on offer, so it’s all about selecting the solution that’s best for your needs. Here are some of the most common solutions that businesses are opting for today: 

  • Key cards – Key cards will be held up close to your entry system and can also be used as an ID badge for access to the building. They are the size of credit cards, so they are easy to carry around in your wallet or pocket. However, there is still the risk that you might lose this card, which means it’s not always the most secure option. Only you know how responsible your team is and whether this is the right option for your needs. 
  • Key fobs – These act in a similar manner to key cards and use RFID to unlock your security door locks. They are usually small and discreet, and the good news is that they don’t have any personal information on them. This makes them slightly more secure than key cards, but they could still be lost. 
  • Biometrics – Larger businesses might opt for a more advanced solution when it comes to keyless entry systems. Biometrics could include facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and iris scans. They are a very secure option for larger businesses, and it’s very hard for someone to pretend to be someone else and gain access to your building. 
  • App-based access control – With the technological developments of the past years, this is becoming a popular way to unlock electric door locks. Nearly everyone carries their smartphone everywhere with them, and it’s a cheap option for new businesses. You can customise the settings to suit your security needs, and it’s generally a very reliable way to unlock a door. 
  • Video entry – Video is another modern option for a keyless entry system. It unlocks the door locks via your security team, who will be able to see who is accessing the space. Of course, you might want to use this alongside another of the options we shared above so that you have more control over who is entering your building. 

What are the Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems? 

Keyless entry systems offer a wide range of benefits to businesses of any shape and size. Your business is never too small or large to benefit from this option, and for most businesses, it will save money and time in the long run. You will no longer have to worry about lost keys and the trouble of replacing a door lock. Instead, you’ll have a modern solution that offers increased security. Only the people who are offered access to your building will be allowed in. That means you can deny access to someone immediately when needed, especially if you are using video or mobile access. This is ideal after firing an employee or when issues are occurring, as you’ll maintain more control over your workplace.

Keyless entry systems offer so many advantages over traditional door locks, which is why many modern workplaces are switching over to this option. Our team will be happy to discuss the best solution for your business and the right way to offer your team access to the building. Security is something we all need to be aware of in this day and age, as burglaries are a common concern for business owners across the country. Contact us today for more information about keyless entry systems and how one could be added to your building this year. 

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