Fire Alarm Systems in Schools

Fire alarm systems in schools

As someone who’s been put in charge of fire alarms for schools, we know that this can be a very challenging task. Protecting the lives of the youngsters who come to your school each day isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. For that reason, you need to understand the types of fire alarms in schools and where they should be placed around the building. A C-tec fire alarm system will help to protect you for years to come and reduce the chance of a major incident within your school buildings in the future.

Working With a Fire Risk Assessor

The first step towards protecting your school is to work with a fire risk assessor. Commercial fire alarm systems are different from those you may have in your home, and they require a different type of installation and testing. A fire alarm company can work with you to discover where you need to place your C-tec alarms. They’ll identify where the biggest risks are in your building, such as heat sources and materials which could combust. Schools have more hazards than many other types of buildings, and it’s important that you also work to identify escape routes and where signs need placing.

The biggest risks in schools are usually the science labs, where flammable chemicals may be hidden. On top of that, your school gym is likely to have more rubber equipment, and kitchens could pose a wide range of risks. A fire risk assessor will also take into account the type of school you work at. Schools with younger children and special needs schools need more attention than a typical schools where children will be able to find their own way out with ease.

The Necessity for Fire Alarms in Schools

Over the past few years, we’ve heard about more issues than ever before in schools. A fire alarm in a school could be the one thing that saves hundreds of lives, which is why it’s one of the most important investments you’ll make for your school buildings. Even in universities and colleges, there’s still a high risk of fire, especially when students start to drink and party more often. A school fire alarm offers an extra level of protection throughout the day and night, but fire alarms for schools need to be chosen and installed correctly in order for them to work effectively.

Choosing the Best Fire Alarm Systems for Schools

Now that you’ve worked with a professional to identify where you need alarms, it’s time to think about installing these in your building. Keep in mind that it’s a legal requirement to have a fire alarm system in any school building, so this isn’t something that is optional for school owners. You may find that a fire alarm assessor recommends changes to your current setup. If you are ever-expanding your buildings or changing your school layout, think about whether you need to make adjustments to your fire alarms. This isn’t something that you just look at once and forget forever, as you never know when an emergency could occur. You need to protect everyone in the building at all times, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to minimise the risk of fire.

Types of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms come in various types and categories, which can be found in BS 5839-1:2017. This outlines the types of alarms you may need, which include those for property protection and life protection. Many of these offer automatic detection, but others have a manual system with a call point in case of a fire. We recommend that you review the different options on offer and ensure you have the right fire alarm systems in your school for every type of emergency. Our team of professionals will then be able to help you with the installation, ensuring you are in a good place for any upcoming inspections or potential incidents. It’s never too late to improve your fire safety processes, but the longer you delay this, the more risk you are putting your students in.

Our team will be happy to help you discover more about fire alarm systems in schools. This is one of the most critical types of buildings for you to add fire alarms too, as you never know when an emergency could happen. If you are unsure whether you are in compliance currently, we recommend you work with a team of professionals who will be happy to support you with this task. Our team is on hand at any time to answer your questions or to discuss the installation or maintenance of your fire alarm systems. Contact us today for more information and to discover how you can make changes to improve fire safety in your school for future generations of students.

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