Adding Digital Locks to a Commercial Building

Adding Digital Locks to a Commercial Building

If you are looking to improve security in your workplace or commercial building this year, you’ll want to consider choosing a modern and effective solution. With the challenges of the past year, the last thing any business owner can afford is for there to be an issue in their office. Keep reading as we share everything you need to know about the digital lock solutions on offer for commercial buildings. Click here for more information about digital locking solutions and how they could benefit your business.

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Digital Combination Locks 

Digital combination locks come in more than just one form, which is something that many business owners are surprised to learn. You’ll want to choose the right solution to secure your premises while also offering the employees that need access to your workplace easy access every day. Our team can offer a keyless entry system for any type of business and will ensure that you have a safe and secure system in place that will last for many years to come. Common applications for digital entry systems include lockers, postal delivery services, and enclosures. Let’s take a look at a few of the other ways you might add this type of system to your business.

Medical Services 

Certain industries have greater concerns than others when it comes to security. Medical supplies need to be secured behind a door lock system so that no one can get hold of anything that they shouldn’t be allowed access to. This same type of system could be used to secure office furniture or storage stations, which might contain confidential paperwork. Electronic combination locks can be added permanently to a workplace, and they’ll offer you the security you need in metal or wooden office furniture. You can’t afford anyone to get their hands on this type of paperwork or medical supplies, so keep this in mind if you are setting up a new office for your business in the future.

Digital Cupboard Locks 

Automated locks can be added to any type of enclosure and will protect anything you need to have stored within this space. Digital locks fit locations of all shapes and sizes, and they will be used with a RAS system which will come with an override key. The benefit of this type of system is that when you have a change of employees, you can just change the combination. You won’t have to worry about someone mislaying keys in the future, and you can avoid potential security threats by changing the code. A digital combination lock is so much more secure than old-fashioned security solutions, which is why so many businesses are turning to us for help with this when improving their on-site security. 

Keyless Entry Systems 

Larger workplaces have hundreds of employees coming and going throughout the day. It’s not practical for a workplace to offer each employee a key, and you’ll soon find that physical keys get lost. The time and money involved in replacing door locks is incredibly unnecessary for business owners to waste, which is why they are opting for keyless locks for commercial buildings. These can be opened using an app, fob, card, or video authorisation, offering a versatile solution for any type of business. No matter how many employees are working in your business, you’ll be able to control who is entering and exiting the site at any one time.

Lockers for Your Employees 

Whether you need permanent or temporary lockers within your business, you’ll want to consider upgrading these to include electronic door locks. Keeping your employee’s possessions safe should be the number one priority when adding lockers, but replacing keys that get lost can be a pain. If you’ve ever had to cut open a locker before, you know how annoying this can be. Therefore, replace your current lockers with a modern solution to avoid this issue in the future at your workplace or school. 

Parcel Delivery Systems 

Does your business receive a large number of posts each day? It’s important that you receive each parcel safely, but you don’t need to assign someone to this job all day long. With the current concerns during the recent pandemic, you’ll also find this offer a contactless solution for parcel delivery. Mechanical digital locks can keep your parcel locker safe, and this type of door lock comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit boxes and rooms of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to keep on top of your parcel delivery schedule and avoid any issues moving forward. 

As you can see, there are so many applications for digital locks in the workplace. All of these solutions will increase your security and ensure your workplace is safe for all of your employees. Our team will be happy to find the best digital lock solution for your needs and support you when upgrading your security this year. 

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