Different Types of Fire Detector Heads

Different Types of Fire Detector Heads

While you might be familiar with the different types of fire alarms on the market, it’s also important to consider the fire detector heads you can choose from. These all offer different benefits and uses, so you’ll need to ensure you select the one that’s right for your shape and size of the building. Keep reading to discover how fire alarm detector heads vary and the most common options on the market today. Our team will be here to support you with this purchase for your workplace, helping you to keep your team safe and healthy for years to come.

What is a Fire Detector Head?

Every fire alarm in the world has a type of head or sensor which will detect the fire. There are multiple different types of detectors, all of which have the same aim of detecting fire to keep you safe and healthy. You’ll find that there are both heat and smoke detectors, which have different applications and uses within businesses today. The main types of fire detectors are heat, photoelectric, optical and ionisation. The way in which they detect fire is what sets them apart, with heat detectors using temperature to alert you to a fire, and the others all detecting smoke. It’s so important as a business or property owner to keep everyone inside safe. You’ll need to ensure you are complying with local regulations at all times so that you take the necessary precautions to look after your employees and customers.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are one of the most commonly used options when it comes to conventional fire alarm system designs. Our C-Tec Inc team often sees that companies want to invest in this type of design, as they can notify your building’s occupants about where the smoke comes from. You’ll find that we offer a range of C-Tec design products to fit everyone’s needs, and our team at C-Tec will be happy to help you find the right solution for your business needs. Many of these smoke detectors are very sensitive, and they will quickly detect fast-burning fires. They are a cheap and easy way to protect your employees, and they don’t cost a fortune to install or use. Just the smallest of smoke particles will set the alarm off, which can stop the fire from spreading and growing bigger if you are able to react quickly.

One reason that people often opt to use smoke alarms is that they are generally very reliable. While they can be overly sensitive, we always believe it’s better to use these fire alarm detector heads than to risk anything happening to your building. The types of fire detection and alarm systems should meet British standards, but you’ll need to always check the markings on any type of alarm you invest in.

Heat Detectors

Moving away from smoke detectors, we also have heat detectors. These aren’t sensitive to smoke, but they will detect when the temperature increases in your building. They notice the heat in any room and will go off when they find the temperature rises too high. There are different types of detectors in this category, which include a fixed temperature heat detector. This allows you to set the temperature that you want the alarm to go off, which can take into account the typical temperature in your workplace. This is particularly useful when working with machinery or fires, as you may have a slightly higher than average temperature.

The other type of fire alarm sensor that we often see people use are ones that detect a change in temperature. These fire alarm detector types can be placed in workplaces or high-risk rooms, and they are suitable for a variety of ceilings. Our team will ensure that any alarm we fit meets British standards so that you are in compliance with any rules and regulations for your type of industry.

Of course, another thing to consider is general fire safety in your building. While it’s all good and well for installing fire alarms and learning about fire detector heads, you also need to do all you can to prevent these issues in the first place. By educating your team and reducing the fire risks around your building, you’ll find that you can protect everyone in your workplace each and every day.

Are you looking to invest in new fire alarms for your workplace this year? If so, contact our team today to discuss the best options on offer. Our team will be here to support you throughout this process, ensuring that you find the right solution to fit your needs and expectations. No two workplaces have the same concerns in regards to fire, but with a little support from our team, you can be sure you’ll remain in compliance and keep protecting your employees or customers.

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