How to Design a Door Access Control System for Your Workplace

How to Design a Door Access Control System for Your Workplace

Are you looking to improve security within your workplace this year? If so, it’s time to start designing a door access control system for your business. With so many options on offer to business owners, finding the right access control system for your needs can be a challenge. Today we’re going to share everything you need to know about designing a door access control system and how we can help you to make your ideas come to life in the future.

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Working With Your Budget 

The first thing to consider when designing an access control system is what your budget is for this project. There’s no denying that this isn’t a cheap project unless you go for one of the more basic models on offer. While there are dozens of benefits to adding a door access control system to your workplace, you need to ensure these benefits are worth the initial cost of the system. As we enter into the new year, think about where you plan to spend any additional funds you have as a business. This will help you to conclude whether this is a worthwhile investment for your company in 2022.

What are You Looking to Secure? 

There are many reasons why a business might decide to upgrade its access control security. For some companies, door access control systems are put in place to control who is coming in and out of the building. Other businesses are more concerned about monitoring time and attendance. Finally, we find there are organisations that are more worried about protecting what is hidden inside the building. Whatever the reason for your door access system, it can help to control who is entering and exiting the building. By finding out the reason for your new investment, you can ensure you choose the right system to monitor the comings and goings in your workplace.

From there, you’ll be able to decide what type of authentication you need. You’ll also be able to count the number of people who will need to be able to access your building. In large organisations, you might want to think about using mobile phone access or biometrics. Key fobs are a good option for a small business, but there are risks when you start to use them with hundreds of employees. You don’t want your team members losing their key fobs or access cards, as literally, anyone could enter the building then. When you know what type of authentication you are opting for, you can then choose the reader and lock that will work best with this system.

The final consideration for the door area is if you need anything else at the door apart from your reader and lock. This might include signage or a guide to using this system. Larger businesses might even add a security point here, where they can have a staff member based at all times. The more people who are coming in and out of your door, the more likely you’ll be to need to give them assistance from time to time. While most systems work perfectly every day, no door access control system will be without issues from time to time. A staff member needs to be on call to ensure team members can get to work and won’t be delayed at the start of their day.

Managing Your Access Control System 

Once you’ve decided how you’ll connect the reader to the network, you can then think about how you will manage who enters and exits the building. There are various management systems on offer, which help your business leaders to control the building. You might have multiple areas on your premises that need securing, and security access systems can be designed to include gates and outdoor doors. Gate access control is ideal for bigger workplaces, and it will stop people from even being allowed into your car park. A good access control design will make it easy to add and remove people from the system. Therefore, your building access control system will be able to accommodate the staff members you hire and lose as we enter into the new year.

If you are thinking about designing a door access control system for your workplace, you’ll need to work through these areas one at a time. By following the steps, we shared above, you’ll be able to protect your building as we enter into the new year. Our team will be here to support you throughout this process, and we can suggest various ideas that would be best based on the current setup of your workplace. For more information about designing a door access control system, contact our team today, who will be happy to discuss the options on offer to businesses across the country.

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