Choosing the Right Access Control System for Your Building

Choosing the Right Access Control System for Your Building

Businesses in any industry are looking for ways to improve their security as we head into the new year. Access control systems offer you a way to stop unwanted visitors from entering your building, providing you with peace of mind during this challenging time. Here at UK Red Security, we are passionate about helping you find the right solutions for your business. Keep reading to discover what door access control system would be best for your building this year.

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What is an Access Control System? 

When we talk about door access control, this refers to any type of system that controls who enters and exits your building. This could include a door reader, controller, electric locks, and software, which limits the number of people who enter and exit a building. These systems can work in a variety of ways, including using an RFID card or key fob. Modern solutions use smartphones and biometrics, and they determine who is allowed to enter your workplace. There are many reasons why a business would consider external gate access control. Safety and security need to be the top priority for companies in this day and age, and this is one of the best ways to keep on top of who is in your building at all times.

IP Ratings for Door Access Control 

When considering the top door access control systems on offer, you’ll find there are various different IP ratings to review. These will depend on the type of building you operate, and you’ll find some are designed with small and medium systems in mind. On the other hand, you might be looking for something more advanced, which could include IP camera systems and elevator controls. The most extensive security solutions on offer now add biometric reader-controller access, and they offer you full protection from intruders.

In this day and age, no business is too small to benefit from an access control system. With the number of burglaries only continuing to increase after the recent pandemic, you need to think about protecting any building. The safety of your employees is at risk otherwise, as well as the security of any equipment and supplies you keep inside. You can choose a way that suits you and your team best for your entry point. Some companies opt for RFID credentials, whereas others use Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone. Facial recognition and fingerprints are advanced solutions, and they ensure that your employees don’t lose their key fob or card when travelling to and from work.

IP readers and controllers all connect with the network switch. From there, the door control will read the input and offer power to the electric door, depending on whether your entry is allowed or not. To leave the building, you can add an exit switch, or you could require your team members to go through the process again. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to installing access control, you’ll want to reach out to a team of professionals. We’ll be here to support you throughout the process and ensure your building remains safe and secure for the whole of 2022.

The Benefits of an Access Control System 

When it comes to investing in a door access control system, you’ll find there are many reasons to make this decision. Firstly, it will improve the security of any building, no matter where it is located and what type of business sits within the building. The safety of your employees will improve, and you’ll be less worried about being the victim of criminal attacks in the future.

Businesses can also use an access control system to monitor who is moving in and out of the building. You could use this for emergency situations, such as during a fire. You’ll be able to know exactly who is in the building, and from there, you can monitor if everyone is safe and secure. This system is often used in schools and colleges as well. You can monitor attendance to ensure your students are coming in and out of the building as they should be and reduce the number of students skipping class.

There are so many reasons to add an access control system to your building this year. The sooner you make this investment, the more protected your company will be. We encourage you to think about safety and security when opening a new office or building for your employees, as this should always be your number one priority. Contact our team today for more information about adding an access control system to your building. We’ll be here to support you with this task at any time and answer any questions you might have about the installation and operation of this type of system.

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