Choosing the best access control solution for your business

Choosing the best access control solution for your business

Choosing the right access control solution for you and your business is no small feat. There are a range of points to consider, including the level of security, scalability options, integration compatibility, and of course, cost. 

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the benefits of access control systems. Providing businesses with increased safety and security, these solutions are used to regulate who can access certain areas of a building and even view particular resources. 

With the right access control solution, you can: 

  • Enable your business to operate safely 
  • Prevent unauthorised access to specific areas 
  • Introduce one-way systems with ease 
  • Provide touchless access, and 
  • Increase security and safety within a building

We primarily use access control systems to grant or deny access. However, an effective access control system will not only be able to manage your heightened level of security but also encompass other additional features, such as time and attendance monitoring. 

Finding the right access control solution for you 

First and foremost, at, we would recommend documenting all of your requirements for the system. I.e., what do you need the access control system to do, followed closely by what you would like it to do? For example, what needs to be monitored vs. what you would like to be monitored. 

Look at areas, such as, do you need these systems to be on-site, or would it be more suitable to have a cloud-based solution? 

Do the access control options available to you meet all UK government regulations and guidelines? (Do you know how to check and ensure this?) 

What is the monitoring capabilities that will be required? I.e., do you have set limits on how many people are allowed in one area at any one time? Do all doors within the building require a door access system? How big is your building? And how many people will need access? 

Do you require additional access control security on your entranceways, such as barriers, gates, or turnstiles? Do existing entranceways need to be added to new systems? 

Do exist access control systems need to be updated? Are you looking for more hygienic touchless systems? Have you considered facial recognition, the use of mobile technology, etc.? 

Do you need new systems to integrate seamlessly with existing controls and even other systems? 

Would you like a delivery intercom or video points? 

How will you manage changing access controls when an employee leaves, receives a promotion, or moves departments? (As all changes must be made quickly to keep everything running smoothly.) 

The answer to these questions and more will help you to determine and quickly narrow down your access control search, finding the perfect fit for your needs. 

To help, the team at UK Red Security is always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Types of systems 

Contactless control systems – now, using biometrics or mobile technology, you can quickly introduce touchless access control systems into your workplace. Helping to reduce contact and the transmission of germs and viruses throughout the workplace, there is no longer a need to touch doors or even physical keys. 

Temperature and mask screening – thermal cameras now enable you to identify those individuals with a high temperature or those who enter the building without wearing a mask. With a walk-through solution or a stop and scan system available, these systems are quick and easy to install at all main passing points and entranceways, helping businesses provide a safe environment for everyone. 

Supporting one-way flows – occupancy management solutions can help businesses manage volumes of people safely around a building. Supporting you if you need to implement one-way systems, limit the number of people on-site at any one time, and more. 

Remote monitoring solutions – managing and monitoring your business security through cloud-based systems has never been so important. You no longer require on-site security guards or patrols with 24/7 alerts at your fingertips. 

It’s important that when implementing any new solution, that everyone is fully aware of how to use the new system and understands the level of clearance they have, managing any conflict or misunderstandings from the beginning. 

This is why identifying who needs access to the building and setting these credentials from the start allows you to provide a level of accountability. 

There are various access control companies in the UK; however, at UK Red Security, we’re proud to offer a vast range of physical access control solutions to our customers.  

Tailored to meet your specific requirements, we’re confident to have a solution to meet all needs and all budgets. 

We want to help keep security processes as tight yet as simple as possible; that’s why we work together with you to listen and understand your requirements better. 

Call us today on 0113 265 9790 or email us at to discuss the best and the right options for you and your teams.

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