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Integrated Dental Holdings


Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) is Europe’s largest Dental care providers. They provide the latest treatments to NHS and private patients, dealing with currently over 5 million patients.

Client’s Requirements

Integrated Dental Holdings were looking for a national fire and security contractor to provide them with installation and maintenance services for Fire, Intruder, CCTV, Access Control & Emergency lights.

Solution Provided

UK Red Security & Fire Systems now provide 24/7 national coverage which covers UK and Ireland for over 600 sites. We ensure that IDH comply to BS5839 for fire detection and maintenance of systems, PD6662 and BS9263 for signalled and bells only intruder alarms, and BS5266 for emergency lights installation and maintenance.

We liaise with their Compliance and Health & Safety team to ensure that each and every practice comply to all standards and regulations as well as ensuring they pass their CGC inspections so they are able to operate 365 days a year. We also provide remote works 24/7 so practices can remain operational which helps to reduce the number of call outs for works that can be resolved without the need for an engineer to attend.

Doncaster Civic Offices


Doncaster Civic is a purpose built office housing all Doncaster Council members of staff.

Client’s Requirements

The facilities management company that look after the operation and maintenance of the Civic offices, required a local Fire & Security provider to maintain the fire and security systems onsite and who could provide reactive call outs with a local engineer within an hour of receiving calls.

Solutions provided

UK Red Security & Fire Systems was chosen from a number of applications we provided the original installation of the system and are located within 25 miles of the site. We also have a local engineer based only 10 miles away, enabling us to respond within an hour of a call being received and a requirement to attend site. We perform regular maintenance checks on their current systems to ensure they are complying with current British Standards. We advise of changings within the standard and provide quotations to rectify issues or changes. The contract has been retained through several facilities management companies to date.

We also provide remote works, where an engineer or the technical department will attempt to resolve the issue prior to advising a call out maybe required. This enables the site to remain operational and protected without the need to wait for an engineer. We also provide 24/7 assistance to ensure that they are protected at all times.


Client’s Requirements

Lendlease was looking for an expert CCTV contractor to provide them with building site wide CCTV protection along with pedestrian protection for health and safety whilst building work was undertaken at a high profile site in centre of London. They had a further requirement for body worn cameras for onsite protection for security guards providing compliance on the site and traffic management.

Solution provided

UK Red Security & Fire Systems attended site and undertook a detailed site survey with the clients brief. We worked with them throughout the design phase to understand their concerns, areas of risk and how they required the system to operate. We provided a detailed site specific design covering all their requirements with a user friendly interface and a dedicated IP network including point to point and point to multipoint wireless systems. We also included a standalone CCTV bodycam system that would allow 12 hours’ worth of recording of footage whilst they performed their routine site duties.

On winning the contract we deployed and completed works prior to the completion date and provided both onsite and offsite training and support. As the site became operational we provided remote support over the phone and via a Team viewer to quickly diagnose faults and rectify issues without the need for callouts and down time to the system.

JLR – Slovakia

Client’s Requirements

JLR required site wide management as to who was entering and exiting the building site of their new factory which, would build the Land Rover Defender.

Solution provided

As a leading UK specialist, we were asked to manage their European site. We attended site and undertook a detailed site survey to discuss the logistical operation of the project, noted the points for entry/exit points for staff and contractors and visitors. After a consolidation with the client, main contractor and the site team we provided a system design for 12 x turnstiles with Biometric finger print recognition for entry/exit of personnel with a full traffic plan to manage the construction traffic with a 5m dual skirted barrier. The system operated over wireless IP covering the 6km site boundary. On winning the contract we provided all the logistics of shipping the associated equipment to site along with the installation team to undertake the works. We provided full project management to ensure that civil contractors installed the bases and route mountings and ducting was installed. The system was then installed following a pre-build in the UK fully tested and the commissioned Access control system was then linked through our client software to provide issuing contractors with Proximity ID Cards designed for the site.

On completion of the works, we provided remote assistance with Team viewer and support calls with a fully comprehensive routine maintenance on all equipment.


Client’s Requirements

Serco invited UK Red, and a number of other fire and security contractors, to tender the provision of routine maintenance at a number of their large multi-function sporting facilities and hotels.


On being awarded the contract, which we have retained for over 3 years, we deployed our team to visit all the sites and performed a takeover and maintenance of all systems. A full asset register was established to provide full knowledge of the sites. We quickly established what equipment was in need of upgrade and provided a project quotation to update the systems to the current standards.

We have now provided reliable and knowledgeable support for more than 5 years.


Client’s Requirements

BAA required a CCTV expert to install a high resolution CCTV system to their offsite scanning area of goods prior to going air side.


We provided a CCTV system that gave high resolution real time images of scanning belts which, had various size boxes and objects moving across to be scanned onto the system and checked prior to them being taken to airside. The images were also captured at 25fps and recorded onto a dedicated recorder which, was located away in a secure office, with viewing only visible in a secure protected area with a camera. The cameras were located in specific locations to ensure they had 360 degree coverage so nobody could tamper with the parcels and if required, they were able to zoom in after the event to a high degree of detail to review un-authorised activity or tampering. The system is designed to ensure a high level of coverage is provided to ensure prosecution where required.

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