The Best Ways to Extinguish a Fire

The Best Ways to Extinguish a Fire

While a fire is something no company ever wants to deal with, fire alarm companies still highly recommend that you learn the top fire-fighting techniques in case this does ever happen. When you react properly to a fire in a timely manner, you’ll find that you can put the fire out in no time at all. Learning how to smother a fire could save someone’s life or stop the fire from spreading further into your building. Our fire alarm servicing company will also be on hand at any time to ensure you are ready to protect your employees from fire in the future.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

Without a doubt, the number one piece of advice for anyone looking to put out a fire is to use a fire extinguisher. This is especially true for larger fires. By smothering the fire, you’ll be able to remove the oxygen, which stops it from growing bigger. However, when it comes to using a fire extinguisher, you need to learn the differences between the different ones on offer. Depending on what type of fire you are dealing with, you might find it’s safer and more effective to use a certain type of extinguisher. CO₂ extinguishers are the best choice for electrical fires but stick to dry powder extinguishers for liquid or solid fuel fires. Try to educate your team members about what type of fire extinguisher they should use, which will help them to react well in an emergency.

Equip Your Workplace With Fire Blankets

In the case of a smaller fire, you’ll find that a fire blanket is a way forward. This is another good way to cut off the fire’s oxygen supply. The fire will likely burn out before it gets any bigger, which could cause further damage to your office or home. We usually recommend keeping a fire blanket in any of the kitchens in your workplace. They can help to put out small cooking fires, but they can also be used in a variety of different situations. To use a fire blanket, you’ll need to place this on top of the fire. Don’t just throw the blanket on the fire, as this is unlikely to do the intended job. Stick to putting out fires that are smaller than the blanket, as they aren’t designed to deal with larger fires.

Cool Off a Fire

Once you’ve removed the heat from a fire, it’s unlikely to be able to spread any further through your building. In the end, this will also help it to burn out. Generally, you’ll use water to cool off fires, which are solid fuel fires. When it comes to oil fires, never use water, as they only make the fire bigger. This is something you never want to do, as it could ruin your company’s future and endanger your employees’ lives.

Remove The Fuel from Fires

Once you hear your fire alarm go off, you need to focus on removing the fuel from a fire so that it doesn’t grow bigger. When you can’t cut off the fuel source, you’ll find that even the best fire extinguishing technique options can’t save you. By learning where to switch off the power for electricals, you can then work out how to smother a fire with one of the suggestions shared above. This fire extinguishing method stops fires from growing bigger, protecting your company in the future.

Book Regular Fire Alarm Servicing

Although the suggestions we’ve shared above focus on fire extinction, you also need to alert everyone in your workplace to get out if a fire was to happen. Following your fire alarm installation, you’ll want to work with fire alarm companies to keep these devices in top condition. Our team of fire alarm installers can offer regular check-ups, which will help to alert your team members if a fire was to occur. We recommend making certain people in your workplace the designated and trained team members for fire-fighting. Otherwise, focus on getting everyone safe. There is no point in having team members who aren’t confident in fighting the fire, as this will likely end up in an injury or burns. Make sure everyone knows how to safely and quickly exit your building so that you minimise the chance of losing anyone in the fire.

Business owners need to ensure their team members are trained to deal with a fire. You aren’t always going to be around in your workplace, and you never know when or where a fire could break out. By having your fire alarms serviced on a regular basis, you can ensure you are alerting your team members of any issues. Contact us today to discuss fire alarm installation and servicing options, which can minimise the chance of damage or death from fires within your place of work.

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