The Benefits of Paxton Access Control Systems

Paxton Access Control Systems

As a business owner, you need to ensure you do everything you can to maintain full control of who is coming in and out of your building. A Paxton access control system is one of the best investments you could make for your business, but you might be wondering what the benefits of this type of system are for you. Here at, we’ve helped many businesses install this type of system over the years. We know how it can help to protect you and your employees, so today we’re here to share what you can expect to experience when you opt to use a Paxton access control system in the future.

No Keys are Needed

One of the great things about the Paxton access control systems we offer is that no keys are needed in order for you to benefit from this type of access control system. An electronic access system means that each employee doesn’t need to hold their own keys, and instead, you can offer them a key card, electronic FOB, or PIN code. They’ll then use this to enter the area which you have blocked off, which could be the whole of your building or just part of it. This can be much cheaper and more effective for businesses that don’t have the security concerns of lost keys. Instead of changing the locks each time a key is lost, you’ll be able to disable a key card and then issue a new one to the employee.

A Smart Security Solution

Paxton access control systems offer you the many benefits of access control, which include having a smart system in place to protect your employees and belongings. This is one of the top advantages of an access control system, such as the Paxton Net2, which is controlled electronically. When you set up this system in your workplace, you’ll find it’s very quick and easy to configure. You’ll be able to have full control over who can enter what area of your building, as well as the option to enable and disable PINs and cards as needed. You’ll find that this intelligent software offers you full control over your building, which is something we all need with the current security concerns following the recent pandemic.

A Hands-Free Access Solution

When discussing the benefits of an access control system, you’ll find that this is a hands-free access solution which can be very convenient for your team. Instead of having to dig in your bag for your keys each time you are out, you’ll find that you can easily gain access to a building in a rush. When someone is within a certain radius of the reader, the Paxton access control system will be able to give you access straight away, making this process quicker and easier than ever before. This is a great solution for hospitals and other emergency services buildings, which may need quick access in an emergency situation.

Enjoy Full Control Over Your System

When sitting at your office computer or laptop, you can experience the benefits of network access control when you have full control over your system. When you need to immediately restrict someone’s access, you don’t have to get in touch with security or wait for these changes to be made. If you have the unpleasant job of firing an employee, you can quickly restrict their access to your workplace and avoid future security concerns for your employees.

Immediate Security Breach Alerts

No matter where you are in the world, the Paxton access control system in your workplace can alert you of security breaches. You can set up an email or text message alert so you are always kept in the loop about what’s going on in your workplace. This is a great solution for anyone who travels regularly, who may be concerned about the security of their building when you are gone. Net2 access control is a product that literally any business can use to enjoy all of these benefits, which is why it’s so popular across a wide range of industries at the current time.

There are so many reasons why your company may want to invest in a Paxton access control system over the next few months. Our team will be here to support you with the installation of this system, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your business based on your current needs and concerns. We know that no two buildings are the same, so we can help you to find an access option that suits your employees. Contact us today to discover more about the Paxton access control systems and how they can benefit your business. We’ll help to protect you from crime and theft for years to come, allowing you to focus on the work that’s most important to you within your company.

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