Everything You Need to Know About High Rise Fire Alarms

Everything You Need to Know About High Rise Fire Alarms

Any type of building needs to be protected with a fire alarm system, but you’ll find that there are different considerations based on the shape and height of the building. A high rise fire alarm system is designed for the tallest buildings in the world and will help to protect everyone who is living or working in this space. After some of the tragedies we’ve seen in recent years, the question has often been coming up about whether fire alarm systems should be mandatory in high-rise buildings. Keep reading to discover when a conventional fire alarm system would be appropriate for installation in any high rise building.

The Options for High Rise Buildings

After the tragedy of the Grenfell building, it’s time for property owners to consider whether a high rise fire alarm would be a good solution for their property. Evacuating a tall residential building in a rush is no easy feat, but this could be the thing that helps to save hundreds of lives in an emergency. When fire compartmentation fails, there should always be a backup in place, which can help to get everyone out on time and to safety. Many buildings like this still have a stay-put policy, but this is now seen as a dated way to try and evacuate a high rise building during a fire. Asking residents to stay put when they are located so high up is impossible when the fire services can’t reach them in a short period of time.

When a stay-put policy fails, there needs to be either a C-TEC designed fire alarm or evacuation system in place. This will help the firefighters and rescue team to get everyone out of the building safely. If a system had been in place in this building, we can only wonder what the outcome would have been. It helps everyone to make quick decisions when they know that people at the top of the building are in danger and get them out as quickly as possible.

Installing a High Rise Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system can easily be added to every tall building, thanks to the use of wireless technology. C-TEC Inc is a leading UK manufacturer of life-safe electronic equipment. Their portfolio of products includes conventional fire alarm system design, and C-TEC is here to support property owners to protect their residents. A wireless fire alarm system is a good option, as you can add a sounder with a beacon to any flat. The controls for this system will then be locked away, and can only be accessed by the Fire and Rescue Service. The installation of these systems is very quick and easy. It shouldn’t disturb your residents at all but will give them peace of mind when it comes to fires in the building.

An addressable fire alarm system is another solution for high rise buildings. This makes it easy to install the detector, and you can program the cause and effects with the control panel software. Heat detectors are another good move for high rise buildings, and they can work alongside a temporary fire alarm system to protect the residents. They can be placed in the lobby of each flat, and you’ll find that they can also be programmed to activate from the floors above them as well. The more policies and safety features you can put in place, the more likely that you will be able to protect everyone should a fire occur. While we certainly hope this won’t be the case in your high-rise buildings, the more work you do now to protect everyone, the better equipped you’ll be for the future.

While many high rise buildings still adopt the stay-put policy, the time for this is starting to pass. Buildings need to have a policy in place that will allow for the quick and safe evacuation of everyone inside. The more work you can do to alert your residents about a fire, the more likely they’ll be able to get out in time. Make sure you always educate your new residents about how they should react to a fire. The more aware they are of the fire alarm systems you have in place, the less panic there will be should an emergency occur.

There’s so much to consider when it comes to high rise fire alarms, but these systems work to protect and save lives on a daily basis. The cost is too great when it comes to saving lives, and we encourage any property owner to work with our team to find a solution that’s right for your building. Contact us today for more information about high rise fire alarms and to discuss how we can help you to protect your building and residents in the future.

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