All About EU Regulation: BS EN 54-23

All About EU Regulation BS EN 54-23

A huge number of people in the UK are unable to hear fire alarms when they are going off. Of course, you can imagine how dangerous this would be in the case of a fire. With over nine million people in the country who are either hard of hearing or deaf, it’s critical you obey the EU regulation: BS EN 54-23. Let’s take a look at what this regulation means for companies and how it will impact your buildings moving forward. Contact our team at UK Red Security for more information or to discuss how we can help you to comply with these regulations.

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What is BS EN 54-23? 

While previous regulations stated that buildings should add a visual alarm device for the deaf or hard of hearing, the new regulation has slightly updated this policy. These previous rules were mainly in regards to an area where someone may be left alone. This could include a bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room in a home, store, or office. Since 2013, BS EN 54-23 has been in place, and it goes into greater detail about the rules for this type of alarm. Its aim is to make much stricter guidelines for the visual alarm products that are currently in use. 

According to BS EN 54, the visual alarm devices must meet the recommendations of this regulation. These discuss the light output of the alarm and where the alarm should be installed. You need to make sure the light will be effective for the size of the room it’s being placed in. Alarms need to emit either a white or red light, and there are three different categories of alarms that are suitable for use. This includes ceiling devices, wall-mounted devices and another open category. 

Each category has its own rules and regulations within the EN 52-23 standard, which ensures the volume and light distribution is right for that space and alarm type. The main aim of these requirements is to protect absolutely everyone in your building. It will make these devices much more effective and improve fire safety in homes and public buildings across the country. As the owner of a commercial building, it’s critical you follow fire alarm sounder regulations correctly. You owe it to your employees to look after them and protect them in the case of an emergency. Even if you don’t believe you have someone who is hard of hearing in your team, you never know who might be visiting when an emergency occurs. Fire alarm systems for commercial buildings are readily available and affordable, so there’s no excuse for not complying with these regulations. 

The Design of Fire Alarm Systems for BS EN 54-23 

There are so many elements that come together to find the perfect fire alarm systems the UK to meet the requirements of this regulation. We recommend that you look into the right design, as this is something you need to consider when choosing a new system. Think about the ambient lighting you already have in your building, as this will impact the light level you need to emit. Blinds and curtains might be needed in some buildings, which will make the light from the alarm more visible in an emergency. Reflective services will also impact how the light appears, so test out alarms in different positions to find the right location for your business fire alarm systems. 

The field of view is something you need to think about when installing an alarm. There should be nothing blocking someone’s view of the alarm, including furniture or artwork. While you might think this would be a pain to install, most homes and offices have a small space where it would be easy to add a new alarm system. Take the time to sit and stand in different locations in a room to check that someone will be able to see the alarm. Especially when you have a lot of computer screens in an office, you need to ensure the light won’t be reflected or missed. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a short time will ensure you protect everyone in your office for years to come. 

Our team of professionals is here to support you when choosing a new fire alarm in Leeds. We know how confusing these regulations can be if you are a new business owner, but we’ll ensure your alarm system meets and exceeds the regulations that are in place. This will help you to remain in compliance while protecting those who work in and visit your building. Contact our team today for more information and to discuss any questions you have about BS EN 54-23. We’re here to support you with setting up a commercial alarm system and to help you protect your organisation in the future.

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