Fire Alarm System Installers

Are YOU an owner, landlord or occupier of a business?! If yes, YOU are responsible for the Fire Safety of your premise and any penalties for breaching any regulations in conjunction with the BSI Fire Safety regulation BS 5839 Part 1.

If you have the right fire alarm installed in your premises it means that your staff and visitors will be safe and even if a fire does break out, they can safely escape from the building.

Our experienced team can advise your business or organisation on the various types of equipment that best suits your requirements, including offering advice on a wide range of products and systems.

Do not put yourself, staff, property and lively hood at risk by ignoring regulations. UK Red are providing a FREE Fire Safety Compliance Survey to eliminate the risk of prosecution. Call 07487 808 220 now to arrange a survey at a time and date that suits you.

Your security is in good hands....

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