Access Control Systems

Access Control

Access Control Systems gives you the control to determine who has access to your premises with the use of token, keypads or swipe cards.

Access control is now taking over the standard lock and key security of businesses due to their cost & reliability where access is concerned.

Installing an access control system will give you the ability to control not only of your building but of each specific room.

Stand Alone Systems

How does it work? A device is attached at desired door of building. Each token/keypad or swipe card has to be manually programmed at each device on the system to allow or restrict access to that area.

Who for? Any small or medium size site – Independent businesses

PC/Network Based Systems

How does it work? Like the stand alone system a device is attached to the required area of the building but the devices are able to be controlled and updated by the use of a computer. Access can be altered and updated instantly for individuals or groups of users.

These type of systems can be integrated with fire alarms, intercom, CCTV and intruder alarms.

Who for? Any size site from small independent businesses to large corporate multi-site premises.

  • Secure your property– Have knowledge on who has permission to your property
  • Restrict unauthorised access – If a device from a previous employee is restricted access will not be authorised if tried
  • Eliminate the stress & cost of lost keys – If lost a device can be zoned out and easily replaced
  • Cost effective – Cheaper to replace than keys and new locks
  • Create Log Reports – Keep log on who is in and out of the premises and at what specific times. Brilliant for time keeping reports for staff
  • Health & Safety – In the event of a fire you can record who is still in or out of the building
  • Integrate to other systems – Intercom / CCTV / Intruder Alarms / Fire Alarms

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